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If this is the first time visiting Four Jandals Adventure Travel Blog then this is the perfect place to get inspired to start planning your own travel adventure of a lifetime.  Email us at [email protected] for any reason.

Below are our top Travel Tips, Adventure Guides and Travel Photos to help you step outside your comfort zone, in comfort! You should also take a moment to read through our Travel Resources page to find our recommended travel companies and guides.

It doesn’t matter if you are a travelling couple, an independent traveller or a family. You might be planning a weekend getaway, annual holiday or your very own year long career break. Right here you will find a list of all our top travel tips to help YOU.

Have a browse through the categories below so that you can find all the travel information you need. If you have any questions then get in touch with us today.

Happy reading and safe travels!

Travel Tips

Why every couple should travel before marriage

Couples Tips for keeping the romance alive

50 lessons learnt from Travel

6 Basic Money Saving Tips for Travel

Travel Safety Tips for couples BEFORE you travel

Hostels vs Hotels vs Apartments

How to stay healthy while travelling

6 Airport boredom busters

Travellers guide to the all you can eat buffet

How to travel overseas on an extended holiday

How to work abroad

10 Tips to working on a Ski Field

Travel Photo Inspiration

Istanbul Photo Essay

Visiting Whangamata in New Zealand

Travel Adventures from 2012 – Photo Essay

Autumn in Oslo, Norway

Photos from Costa Brava

Visiting the Great Market Hall in Budapest

Hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy

Rome in Monochrome

Sail Turkey Photo Essay

Istanbul Spice Markets

Egypt in Photos

Adventure Travel Inspiration

Surfing in Samoa

Hot Air Ballooning in Costa Brava

Exploring Tuscany by Scooter

Caving in Budapest

Biking the Rail Trail in Costa Brava

Hiking to Wentworth Falls in New Zealand

Travel Inspiration

Why we quit our jobs

39 Inspirational Travel Quotes

Why I am afraid to Travel

Help me tear up your bucket list

Travel Blogging Tips

Our experience of Starting a Travel Blog

Travel Blogger to Travel Vlogger project

Travel Blog Statistics after one year




Have you checked out our Travel Resources page for our recommended travel companies and travel booking sites?

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