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Four Jandals Adventure Travel Blog is one of the worlds leading adventure travel blogs. We are leading the way in providing travel tips, travel advice, and my adventurous tales to a targeted and niche audience. Email us now at [email protected].

I am very open to partnerships and consulting work.

However, I will always check to ensure that the companies and brands with which I associate the Four Jandals brand have the same values as mine.

Who are Four Jandals?

I have been wearing out my jandals (Kiwi slang for flip-flops) on my travel adventures around the world since 2009. I love all types of adventures that allow me to step outside my comfort zone, in comfort. In 2011 I realized that I wanted to share my adventurous tales, travel tips, and advice with the world, so I established the Four Jandals brand.

We have been quick to rise through the ranks of travel blogs. We prove that we are a powerful alternative to traditional media outlets and have a massive advantage as we have a highly engaged audience.

You can learn more about me here.

Who is the Target Audience?

Adventure travel has quickly established itself as one of the leading tourism markets, with over 16% of tourists involved in adventure activities. I have chosen to target this market and help the average person take the next step into the traveling world.

My readers are passionate and interested in:

  • Adventure Travel Activities
  • Couple’s Travel Tips
  • Backpacking around the World
  • Working Holidays
  • Gap Year and Overseas Experiences
  • Travel Planning

Social Media Statistics

Independent Site Statistics

Global rank icon 1,878,020 1,260,772

Demographics are split between the USA (55%),  Europe including the UK (20%), Canada (8%), Oceania (8%), and the rest of the world (7%).

I also have a solid social media presence that grows exponentially on Twitter with a targeted and engaging community.

Through this engaged following, Four Jandals is the perfect choice for your company to reach your targeted audience and promote your travel-related product and service to the world.

If you have any questions, please contact me or get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Email [email protected] directly.

    Meet Cole and Adela

    Cole and AdelaWe have been wearing out our jandals (Kiwi for flip-flops) on our travel adventures around the world since 2009. We think our blog is thought provoking and a little witty. But we have been proven wrong before. Find out more about us here...

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