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VisionDirect Launches Revolutionary Prescription Lens Scanner Mobile Application



Get Glasses Prescription in 10 Minutes with VisionDirect

MELBOURNE, Oct. 21st, 2019 – VisionDirect, one of the world’s  leading and fastest growing online eyewear retailer announces the launch of a prescription lens scanner.  The free mobile application allows users to get a precise reading of their prescription details using their mobile devices.

The TGA-listed app is powered by groundbreaking patented technology and only requires a smartphone, a computer screen, a magnetic card for measurement (i.e. credit card, subway card), and current prescription glasses.

As the first company in Australia, VisionDirect launches the Lens Scanner in both App Store and Google Play Store, the Lens Scanner is developed to simplify the process of getting an accurate prescription reading thus making it easier to order new glasses online from the comfort of their home.

“We know that today’s consumers are very tech-savvy and driven by convenience and simplicity, so we proudly offer them a solution that will put them in greater control of their eyewear needs. With Lens Scanner, consumers can easily get their optical details through their mobile phones and at their comfort. We’re confident that this new app will envision our future of accessible and affordable eyewear for everyone”. David Menning, CEO of VisionDirect

The Lens Scanner aims to disrupt the traditional model of buying prescription glasses. The app is designed to be free of charge, user-friendly and timesaving. The user requirements are:

1. A smartphone with the Lens Scanner app (Downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store),

2. A laptop or desktop (with a 12” screen or larger)

3. User’s current pair of eyeglasses, and

4. A standard size magnetic card

About VisionDirect Australia

VisionDirect™ is a part of the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group – the world’s leading designer glasses e-commerce company. With operations across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, our portfolios of domain properties are market leaders in over 20 countries, including in the US and in Australia.

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Why Do People Appreciate Nicotine Pouches?



‘Smoking is hazardous and injurious to your health!’ This is a standard warning you can see printed on many tobacco-related products, specifically cigarette cartons.

Certainly, smoking is one of the worst habits most people are addicted to. There are several adverse effects of smoking on the circulatory system, respiratory system, skin, eyes, and reproductive system.

In order to get rid of the addiction to smoking and other issues, special nicotine pouches are introduced.

These pouches are the greatest and safest alternatives to cigarettes.

They contain a proportionate quantity of snus with nicotine as the main ingredients and offer the same satisfaction that smoking provides. You can learn more about these aspects at resources such as, as such you can take advantage of these pouches and improve your overall lifestyle. If you still want to know what nicotine pouches are and why people love them, learn more by reading further.

What are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are an excellent alternative for smoking cigarettes and tobacco. These pouches do not contain tobacco, but either synthetic nicotine or tobacco-derived nicotine that are as same as a tobacco-free version of snus.

You can keep it under your lower lips and enjoy the flavor dissolved in your mouth. When finished, you can dispose of the pouch in household trash.

The substance won’t come outside the pouch as the white cover is made of high-quality material. Now, the best part is, it won’t stain your teeth.

Reasons People Love Nicotine Pouches

Well, there are several reasons why people are just in love with nicotine pouches. For instance, you can find different flavors, it may not have an expiration date, and it allows you to maintain oral health. Besides these fine aspects, you can find more reasons why people prefer these pouches.


Tobacco smoke is one of the primary reasons people switch to nicotine pouches. It will help you, and it will minimize smoking in public. Nobody near you will have to worry about potential issues from smells and other issues when you use it.

It Does not Stain Your Teeth

This is another reason why people love nicotine pouches, as it does not stain your teeth. If you fear that keeping it under your lower lip can stain your teeth, you are far from correct.

Did you know that the white coating on the substance prevents your teeth from staining?

It Helps you Maintain Oral Health

Smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth as well as your lips. But with nicotine pouches, you can maintain your oral health as they will not only help you avoid smoking habits but also help you recover your damaged cells simultaneously.

You Can Enjoy Several Flavors

Nicotine pouches are available in a wide range of flavors. You can choose from many flavors that can improve your life. Indeed, there are many that choose to move forward with these pouches because they are varied and can add immense value overall.

Many People Choose Nicotine Pouches over Smoking

There are numerous reasons to choose nicotine pouches over smoking. One of the most important reasons is the overall health impact. After years of research on side effects, many countries are starting to endorse its use.

These are indeed the safest alternatives for those who are looking for ways to quit smoking. Since these pouches release nicotine that one can find in tobacco, it is less addictive or harmful than smoking or chewing.

This is just a brief summary as there are many benefits to these pouches.

Always remember to be responsible and enjoy!

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Age Well Each Day By Living Well



We must take life seriously because we only have a finite amount of time on this planet.

Indeed, we know not what happens after we live on this planet for seventy or more years. We only know that we have a certain amount of todays and tomorrows. But furthermore, we know that our energy can begin to dissipate as we get older.

That places even more pressure on us as we seek to gain the most out of life in our younger days and have the opportunity for later when we are older and quite possibly weaker. While a good portion of individuals may require care from prominent companies such as

As we grow older, the sobering truth is that we may not have the energy or strength to engage in activities such as the hunt for hogs, geese, or even deer and larger game.

We must live, eat, and exercise well each day, from hunting activities to other, more demanding activities. We need to ensure a great life to hunt or do other, more strenuous activities regularly without concern for our age and health level.

But how do we ensure that we are living a great life? Let’s look at what it means to live an extraordinary life each day.

Take Action

The truth is that nothing changes unless you improve your mind and start taking action each day. If you are an object in motion you are likely to gain steam and momentum that helps to carry you into the next day. Remember that being present on this earth does not mean that you are living. It simply means that you merely exist on this plant. Now, existing is totally different from living. Your household plant exists but can’t live as you might have.

Those who live will engage with life, set goals, have desires, take action, and utilize resources.

Engage with Others

Once you have a specific set of values, goals, and desires, you can engage with others in a more meaningful way. For instance, if you have a particular compass, then you can make a difference and relate to others in a specific way that opens up insights and lets you live a better life.

You can say no to loneliness and increase your mental acuity by staying sharp and speaking with others to remain interesting and intriguing. You want to continue to engage with others so that you do not go too introverted and take on feelings of sadness, pity, and depression.

Remember that increasing companionship and engaging with others increases your overall quality of life.

Live Deliberately

Prominent investors will say that you should live deliberately in life. That means that you are thinking about what your future will be like, and you are doing what you can each day to improve your lot.

You can practice meditation, walking, regular exercise, and practice good eating habits to live a better life in the present and the future.

Remember that doing more is not easy, but it can make a substantial difference in your life and help you get to a better destination.

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Sun, Sea and Suffering – Why Accidents Happen on Holiday



Saving up all year for your annual holiday or for a weekend away is certainly worth it when you get to enjoy some much needed time off. Time away from responsibilities, from schedules, from your boss and colleagues and an opportunity to make as many memories as possible.

However, in our pursuit of rest and relaxation, many holidaymakers find themselves visiting the emergency room and getting caught up in all kinds of accidents – if you’ve had a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, click the link. This kind of scenario can leave us red-faced, heading home feeling stressed, tired and wishing we’d never left the safety of our comfort zone in the first place.

However, it is possible to have a perfectly safe, accident-free holiday. All you need to do is make yourself aware of the most common holiday mishaps and accidents out there. Read on to find out more.

Road traffic accidents

Driving in unfamiliar territory can be a recipe for disaster. Especially if you don’t plan ahead or don’t adapt your driving style. Conducting plenty of research about the roads at your destination will help keep you safe.

Sunburn and heatstroke

We all love getting some sun whilst we’re on holiday. It makes us feel good, tops up our tan and just makes us feel healthier. However, there’s a fine line between enjoying the sun, and getting damaged from it. Too much sun and little protection means sunburn, which is incredibly painful and could increase your chances of developing skin cancer. Heatstroke can leave you dehydrated, with a migraine and incredibly ill. In many cases it requires hospitalisation. Make sure you’re adequately protected when you’re in the sun.

Slips and trips

Slipping by the pool or in the hotel foyer, tripping over a sun-lounger or slipping off the kerb in the local market. Slips and trips are commonplace abroad. So, you need to be vigilant. The last thing you want is to return home with a broken leg!

Food poisoning

We all like to indulge when we’re on holiday. But whether you want to experience local, authentic food or stick to what you know and love, food poisoning is a risk all holidaymakers take. Ensure you’re only eating at reputable and highly recommended eateries and be wary of vendors not following food hygiene practices.

Activity related accidents

Snowboarding, skiing, water sports, even swimming and scuba-diving. All these accidents are common overseas and the injuries may be catastrophic. Ensure that any activities you sign up to are overseen by trained experts.

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