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7 Tips for Levelling up Your London Business Trip



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Were you aware that London is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world in terms of business-related travel? While this might seem intimidating to some, we need to remember that there are plenty of ways in which you can enjoy an upcoming excursion while enjoying all that this destination has to offer. Let us examine seven practical suggestions.

Take Advantage of Your Travel Time

While the city itself can be rather hectic, there is no reason why your journey should reflect such a frenetic nature. Try to use this time to relax and “disconnect”. You will therefore emerge fresh and motivated upon arrival.

Never Sacrifice Comfort

Why create needless stress during your business trip by settling for substandard accommodations? It is much more logical to leverage the convenience and guest-centred services offered by quality serviced apartments in London. This is the best way to remain focused upon the professional responsibilities that may await.

Pack Light

There is nothing worse than travelling with excess luggage; especially if your business trip is only expected to last a handful of days. So, make it a point to pack only the most essential items. This can also save money in terms of carry-on bags and similar fees that might otherwise occur.

All About Automation

Digital technology provides travellers with a host of options when travelling to any city. For instance, it is now possible to scan tickets, to obtain discounts via QR codes and to automate your check-in process upon arrival. Be sure to leverage these clever amenities, as they can save both time and frustration.

Network in Advance

Any business journey provides plenty of opportunities to network with other like-minded professionals. Use the power of social media and sites such as LinkedIn to inform others when you plan on arriving. Not only can planning ahead of time maximise your efforts to connect with others, but you might even make a few new friends!

A Bit of Familiarity

Bringing along a few items from home is another useful strategy to consider. Even seemingly insignificant objects can provide a sense of comfort when in an unfamiliar situation. This is even more relevant if you happen to become stressed within large metropolitan areas.

Healthy Eating

It can sometimes be tempting to indulge in unhealthy eating habits while on a trip. The issue here is that so-called “convenient” foods will often have an adverse effect upon your metabolism. As this article notes, consuming healthy substances will allow your body to function at optimal levels and ultimately, to remain energetic during high-pressure situations.

Any business trip to London will provide you with plenty of opportunities to expand your personal and professional horizons. While some may experience more stress than others, we can see that there are many ways to enhance the overall experience without stepping outside of your comfort zone. From reserving quality accommodations to networking ahead of time, levelling up your next excursion is now a reality.

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The Rise of Search Engine Optimization for Small Business in 2020



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Everyone was caught off-guard by 2020, and for a good reason too. Not many people think about a worldwide pandemic and its potential effects on the world.

Most business individuals were taken aback from the lockdowns and experienced significant downturns in their business because of COVID-19. Many different companies saw a decline in business, while other companies saw an acceleration.

The intriguing part is that the digital world saw more activity as more people we stuck indoors while the physical business world saw a decline as people sheltered in place. Digital marketers see that there’s an opportunity to build digital real estate and engage with a thriving audience.

Business owners and Toronto seo marketing digital mavens realize the power of having a digitization plan to improve resilience. While shifting to digital does not bring additional revenues in the near term, it does pave the way to more revenues. The future landscape is uncertain for both of those in the digital realm and the physical world.

Whether you are selling home components such as the people at if you are selling some digital product, you must be aware of the potential digital real estate and different digital advertising mechanisms like SEO.

What are the pathways to success in the new digital era? What kind of activities should you focus on, and are they worth your time?

Let’s find out more about the digital world, SEO marketing, and how it can play a role in your business.

The SEO Value

SEO is a vital component of the 2020 business visibility plan. The fact is that more than 50% of marketers think that search engine optimization will be critical moving forward. Remember that the Spanish Flu came around in 1918 and would last until 1920, killing approximately 50 million people.

That is indeed a sobering stat and something to pay attention to when planning a business resiliency plan today. The COVID-19 epidemic might be with us to stay for at least two years. In such a world, having visibility online can create great rewards that will pay off in the near term and the long-term.

Here’s why SEO is crucial.

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SEO and Trust

The fact is that Google and other search engines want and need users to have the best experience possible. The search engines want users to trust the information they find and use it to meet their goals. As such, trust is a critical factor in search engine algorithms and means a great deal for your business.

For instance, if you are a pillar in your community and provide people with great food, or supplements, or whatever it might be, you are likely to have people who are interested in supporting you and have good experiences with your brand. If you have more people who trust you and show it through reviews, posts, and other components, you will have a higher chance of reaching more people organically and differently.

The idea is to engage with your audience with content that is relevant to them with expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

As you can build more trust and climb up search rankings, you show customers that you are trustworthy, relevant, reliable, and good candidates to do business within the short and long-term.

Those who invest time and effort into SEO will build trust, engage, and share relevant content with their audience.

Capture more Revenues with SEO

Did you know that more than 30% of revenues come from organic traffic for many businesses? Yes, that’s right. You can still gain significant value if you build up your online presence within the world today.

SEO is an excellent investment because it let’s you understand your customers more and reach out to them in a way that matters to them. The more you interact with your customers and realize their needs, the higher chances of seeing gains, and the more insight you will have into the markets to innovate and grow further.

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Established Marketing Agency in Phoenix Now Provides Branding & Storytelling Services



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Have you come up with this brilliant idea that you want to share with the WORLD?


This can be exciting, but also scary. You may be thinking…where in the world do I start?


For a successful brand, you want to take your brand and create a story to tell your customers. This is what is going to put you above your competitors.


A weak digital brand is going to be a disadvantage, you need to find ways to create and promote a strong online identity. It helps to think of the visibility of your brand online as your reputation. So, how can your brand achieve this?


Ivio Agency not only offers digital marketing in Phoenix they now offer branding AND storytelling services to help your company stand out. 


We all know why digital marketing is important for any industry, especially to keep up in this technology-filled world. Thanks to digital transformation, brands need to reshape their strategies, which includes catering and communicating with their customers through digital outlets. 


So, why is branding important? Let me explain…


Pretty much every industry is full of competition. For your brand to SUCCEED, you must attract and retain customers. 


This is where branding comes in. Just because you have a great idea, doesn’t mean it will succeed!


You need the right branding and storytelling services behind your idea for it to attract customers. In the past, you may have gotten a lot of business from word of mouth, which is still possible today. But the behaviors of your customers have evolved with the growth of technology. For a successful business, you need a strong online presence!


A digital marketing agency that offers branding services will take the time to thoroughly dig into your industry to find out EXACTLY what your customers are looking for.


Also, they will take a look at your competitors to make sure that you are gaining a step above them, whether it be with your logo, website or social media. 


A compelling story is key. Any brand can have a good idea and a nice website, but not all can present these with storytelling services.


Let me explain a little more…


Once you spark an idea, you will want to work with a well-rounded digital marketing agency that will sit with you and find out exactly what you want your brand to represent. This is where the storytelling services come in.


A digital marketing company like Ivio Agency will develop a strategy that incorporates the name of your brand, the logo and the website to create an interlinking bond. This will create a well-rounded brand, ALL with a story behind it. This is what is going to get your brand noticed over your competitors.


Your passion can be hard to put into words, that is why an experienced digital marketing agency will create content to really capture your brand and story.


In addition, it is important to support the content with unique visuals catered to your brand. This is where the design of your website comes into play.





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How Business Cards Keep You from Missing Out on Opportunities While Traveling



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As a frequent traveler, whether you take your trips for business or pleasure, you can always find opportunities within your travels that are too good to pass up. They could come in the form of business proposals, potential ventures, or simply some discount offers for your next excursion.

At these times, you often share your contact details verbally, on a quick piece of paper, or by having your contact saved in the other party’s phone.

But verbal details can be forgotten easily, insignificant pieces of paper can be misplaced, and the other party may not even remember in some time why your name is in their phone.

That is where business cards come in.

How Do Business Cards Help You on Your Travels

Business cards can help you ensure that you are not using a makeshift way but a recognized method of sharing your contact information. This goes a long way in establishing your personal or professional brand, making yourself memorable to the other party, and forming a sense of credibility to them.

On your travels, all of these features can come in quite handy in a place where not many people may know you or your business. The advantages of business cards include but are not limited to:

  • Convenience: Information is quite easy to share through these devices. All that you have to do is get your business card out of your wallet and share it with someone.
  • Safety: The information is not misplaced, since individuals and businesses appreciate the value of a business card and keep them safe and organized for future reference.
  • Reliability: Not everyone has a smartphone to share contact information. Even when they do, your information could be lost in a sea of virtual contacts. Business cards make sure that this doesn’t happen.
  • Perception: Business cards can help you establish a brand image. By using captivating designs such as clear business cards, you can ensure to make your personal or professional persona stand out and let people remember you in a positive light.

In order to make use of the many benefits of business cards, ensure that you always contact a reliable provider.

Basic Invite Can Help You Achieve These Objectives

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As a renowned provider of wedding invites, branded stationery and business cards, Basic Invite can prove to be a reliable choice to get your business cards. In the off chance that you are ordering from abroad you will likely want to use a VPN to get past security that blocks many websites like in China. Here’s a guide to what VPNs do if you’re not familiar.

Among a plethora of business card providers, Basic Invite stands out from the crowd. The service allows you to choose from virtually unlimited color options. The online tools that it offers allow you to see the result of your choices instantly. Each card offers a multitude of designs, and each design offers around 180 color options.

This means that you cannot only play with many such design choices, but you can see how they pan out immediately without having to wait for the print to come in.

But if you do want a physical sample, then Basic Invite comes out on top of many other providers into making sure it can arrange for one. It is actually one of the only few providers to provide single, custom samples for business cards. This allows you to check the paper quality before you order a whole bundle of them.

Apart from business cards, Basic Invite also offers holistically designed invitation and card services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Wedding invites with a complete range of stationery to boot.
  • Foil cards that come in gold, silver, and rose gold in flat or raised foil options.
  • Envelopes with over 40 different color choices.
  • Online address capturing service to have recipients’ address filled out by them before you dispatch your invites.

That’s not all, since Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off on all items with a February coupon code: 15FF51

As such, if you are looking for some of the best looking business cards that you could ever obtain, make sure to reach out to Basic Invite today.

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