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Find Cheap Flights: Skyscanner App Review

Find out how you can save money while travelling the world with our handy Skyscanner App Review.



Skyscanner App Review

We first stumbled upon the genius of Skyscanner when it was recommended to us a few years ago to help us travel the world. At the time we didn’t have a smartphone and they hadn’t created their free Skyscanner App. But we did do all our own flight bookings by using the Internet to find cheap flights.

Skyscanner, an Edinburgh-based company, has now established themselves in Singapore to target the Asian and Oceania travel markets. And considering they get more than 30 million visitors a month to their website they figured it was time to establish their mobile app.

Skyscanner App ReviewSkyscanner App Review

This little App had already proved itself to us when we were asked to complete a Skyscanner App review as we use it regularly as our sole flight-search engine. So instead of keeping our little money saving App a secret we decided to share it with you too.

Ease of use

Simple, sleek and sexy is the best way to describe the Skyscanner App in my opinion.

Instead of jumping online via our laptop we now just use our phones to do our searching for us. It is lightening fast and there is no fluffing around trying to find the right page or being greeted with a wasted welcome message. It just leads you right to the flight search page.

Skyscanner App Review

Inputting your location, destination, dates you want to fly, number of passengers and the class (economy for us of course) is all straight forward. Depending on what you requested, hitting the search function will quickly search multiple websites trying to find the cheapest flights from your request.

If you have been rather vague with your destination then you might directed to the next screen which will allow you to narrow down your search. Personally this is one of my favourite time-wasters when I am not travelling. 

We love selecting the dates we want to travel then choose “Everywhere” as our destination. The Skyscanner App will then trawl the net finding some cheap flights to countries all around the world. Germany? Poland? Sweden? Don’t mind if I do.

Skyscanner App Review

Search Results

Once you have finally finished playing around dreaming of travel and selected your destination airport, you will be directed to the prices page.

The results displayed are easy to read with the prices clearly highlighted. There are also lots of sorting options from travel duration to airlines available. Perfect if you prefer flying with one carrier.

If the current prices displayed are more than your budget, and you have some flexibility, then you can use the Skyscanner chart feature. This is another of our favourite features as it allows you to view all the prices within the month of your preferred travel dates.

Using this feature properly can save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention the time saved scouring the Internet, if you can book your flights on another day.Skyscanner App Review


While the Skyscanner App is handy, there are a few issues we have with it. Not serious enough that they would ever stop us from using it, but they are still inconvenient.

If you have used the Skyscanner website before then you will know that they don’t actually sell flights themselves. Once you have selected your flights you are then redirected to the airline or travel agents websites to purchase the flights. This doesn’t add any costs onto the overall flight price, but it does cause two problems…

Sometimes the prices displayed on the final search page can be off by a few dollars once you get to the booking website. This is understandable as the number of flights booked online is staggering to say the least, so they cannot keep up with flight prices. And we know for a fact that they actually have a dedicated team that spends their whole day searching for discrepancies in prices too.

Secondly, if you are flying with multiple airlines you have to visit each airline page separately to book your flight while crossing your fingers you don’t book one and the prices changes for the other.


Searching for flights can be a pain in the ass. So having an App literally at your fingertips is perfect for every traveller. We honestly cannot recommend the Skyscanner App enough. It is simple to use and we actually prefer it over their website.

Basically it delivers exactly what it says on the tin, “free flight comparisons”.

To find your cheap flights now, download the free Skyscanner App on iTunes or from the Google Play store. It is also available for iPad and the Windows Phone.

Disclaimer: While we were asked to do this Skyscanner App review by Skyscanner NZ our opinions are always our own and we would never damage our credibility by recommending something that we don’t use ourselves.

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  1. John

    February 11, 2013 at 10:41 PM

    I just recently booked a flight from London to Krakow with skyscanner. I like the fact that it includes the budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet. Without a doubt this is one of the best websites for booking flights. I did experience what you mentioned however, that the price on the site was different to the airlines website. Wasn’t a big deal though.

    • Cole Burmester

      February 12, 2013 at 8:29 AM

      Great to hear that you had a good experience with the Skyscanner App too John!

  2. Joseph

    September 5, 2013 at 1:41 PM

    So they asked you to write a review and you just did it? That’s awfully kind.

  3. Mark

    December 17, 2013 at 7:43 PM

    I have the app of Skyscanner too, but I prefer the ones of Kayak and Momondo. I also discovered a new website that seems to focus on european lowcost airlines for now. It would be great if they go global and develop the apps for smartphones.

  4. Justin

    February 28, 2014 at 7:29 PM

    What an amazing app! Skyscanner is the world’s best flight search application. It is so nice and customer friendly! Really like using it for my journey relevant concerns. It gives a lot of information like costs, relationships etc.

  5. TR

    March 25, 2014 at 4:07 PM

    This app saved my holidays last year, when I missed my plane and had to find a new flight back to my country.

  6. Rob

    September 24, 2014 at 7:48 PM

    Great article! We’ve actually tried out this app, and done quite a bit of research on it ourselves, and posted some of our findings (bugs, ideas etc) onto our app wall over at skyscanner which I thought you might find interesting 🙂

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Bullion Bar: Try Your Luck Online



Slot games have become synonymous with gambling and casino. They provide players the chance to earn big while betting small amounts of money. And it is for this reason that the lure of trying to cash in big on slot games have become somewhat of a tradition for casino and everything casinos-related.

What do we mean by this?

Well, online slot games have seen a massive amount of love from players all around the world. Not only are the simple to play and easy to start earning money but they also offer quite the gambling experience. And it’s for this reason that they are one of the primary online casino games for newbies as well as longtime gamblers.

So if you are new to the whole online gambling casino slot world let us introduce you to this insanely enjoyable slot game called Bullion Bar.

With online slot games having a high RTP – you have very little to lose and so much more to gain.

Bullion Bars: Try Your Luck

Like many online casino slot games, the Bullion Bar has an RTP that is quite high. Meaning the amount of times the online casino game has to pay out to its player is above 95.27%. This means that you have a very high chance of earning money online while gambling and Bullion Bars provides this for their players.

Aside from the high chances that players are given – players are also given a nice cash jackpot prize for the lucky ones. The jackpot prize sits at about £20000 jackpot (roughly $40000 USD. Not too shabby).

The game allows players to wage as low as £0.4 and as high as £2 per line.

The Visuals

As mentioned before one of the best aspects outside of the monetary reason that one may come to play online slot games also are the aesthetics. Bullion Bar provides a fantastic visually stunning slot game that not only escalates the experience and the “gamblers rush” but also makes slots games much more engaging and enjoyable overall.

Why Not Give It a Try?

If you are new to online slot games, then Bullion Bar is a great online slot ahem for you to test the waters. Offering players a high RTP, visuals that will leave the player captivated and a gameplay that is very engaging and immersive – do we have to ask?

What are you waiting for? Try your luck with Bullion Bar.

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Adventure Travel

Scuba Diving the KT12 Wreck in Sardinia – with Sardinia Divers



We woke excitedly at 6am, with cameras charged, lunch packed and our jandals on! Unfortunately we did not have the luxury of a car, so an ARST bus at 6.50am from Orosei town centre to the Sardinia Divers Headquarters 7kms north was our only option. Upon arrival at Sardinia Divers we were welcomed by Chris and his friendly dog (even though we surprised him by turning up 30 minutes early!).

Big gun

KT12 Wreck – the armed German cargo ship’s famous gun

After being kitted out with top quality wetsuits, BC’s (buoyancy compensator) and all the rest of the scuba gear that we hadn’t managed to lug with us from New Zealand, we then piled into their van and headed to Orosei Harbour. We then began to help load the boat and prepare the gear.

Rebecca was eager to prove that she, a girl from New Zealand knew what she was doing and did not need help setting up her gear. But after fumbling with putting the BC over the tank bottle (in what must have looked very awkward) she crumbled to the pressure and just stared blankly at the unfamiliar European style valve of the regulator in her hands. Luckily, one of the crew was quick to see Rebecca’s reaction and show her how regulators work in Europe!

Getting ready

The dive boat (rib), Chris’s friendly pets, and both PADI & SSI certs

We had only contacted Chris the day before, asking if Sardinia Divers could take us diving. The stars must have aligned and we along with six other divers, four staff, and the boat skipper were on our way out on the short 5min ride in the 10m rib to dive the KT12 Wreck! The KT12 is considered one of the Mediterranean’s best wreck dives, and it did not disappoint! However it is a reasonably deep dive at 30-35m, so divers must have their advanced dive qualification. Sardinia Divers does offer full training to all levels in both PADI and SSI so if you do want to dive the wreck or only have your Open Water cert they can sort you out, and it is definitely worth it.

Cargo cranes

Descent onto the cargo cranes

The visibility was a good 20-25m which meant we could soon spot the wreck as we dropped down from the surface. Cristina was guiding us for the day and had run us through the dive plan on the marina before we started out. We first dropped down onto two large vehicles which are believed to have been cranes used for cargo loading, and then made our way across to the main hull at about the back third and where the bridge is. Cristina pointed out the large anchor that was dropped by a trawler onto the bridge and got caught on it, from here we made our way forward and circumnavigated the wreck.

Sea life in wreck

The wrecks sea life

Chris and Cristina had told us of the sea life we may encounter and straight away we were pointed out large moray eels, Spanish (slipper) lobster, grouper, nudibranch, and various other fish in the wreck’s nooks and crannies. It is hard to describe to someone how spectacular marine environments can be and why you should try and discover this underwater world yourself. Watching the video (click here) is a good start but we encourage you to give it a go yourself.

The KT12 is a reasonably large wreck at 225ft/60m and at a depth of 35m your bottom time is limited, so to cover the full wreck we kept moving pretty quickly. The wreck is famous for it’s main gun, which proudly stands on the aft deck. I of course swam straight over to it and started pretending to fire it, Rebecca could tell this by the stream of bubbles that were coming out as I was obviously making my best underwater gun shooting noises.

Shooting gun (471x311)

Boom boom boom….you know you would of done the same

The wreck was sunk by an English submarine’s torpedo, when it hit just behind the bow. The bow broke off and sunk immediately whereas the rest of the wreck sunk slower, slipping backwards away from the bow by about 300m. This meant we dived the two separate parts in two dives. With beaming smiles we surfaced from the main hull and headed back into the marina for lunch and refreshments. Cold water and biscuits are provided by Sardinia Divers but there was also a good little beach bar to get coffee and snacks. It’s also great sitting down with like minded divers and talking excitedly about what you just saw or missed and other must do dive locations.

Sardinia divers 2 Around midday we were back in the boat, the tanks had been changed for us and we were soon back out ready to dive the bow section. The bow is at 33m and lies on its side, though much smaller it’s still a great dive because its smaller size means the sea life is more concentrated in the one area. Bottom time was less as this was our second dive of the day and as nitrogen builds up in your system you must stay in the no decompression limits time zone.

KT12 Bow

The KT12’s bow section

Swimming out from the front of the bow you get a great view back at the bow wreck and then it was time to ascend. The safety stop went quickly as we spent the time trying to touch the inquisitive fish before surfacing and climbing back into the boat.

Rebecca and Cristina

Rebecca & our great dive guide Cristina

We had a great day diving and the team at Sardinia Divers was excellent, they are friendly, knowledgeable and have a real passion for the wreck, while making sure you have a great, safe dive. The only regret I have is that we couldn’t spend more time on the wreck, so if you are in Orosei for a few days or more I would definitely recommend you dive the wreck more than once. Sardinia divers also offers other exciting dives including another WW2 wreck, cave dives, and if you happen to be in Costa Rica visit Chris’s dive shop there to immerse yourself.

The Sardinia Divers Team

The Sardinia Divers team

Facts and additional information about Sardinia Divers:

  • Certified for both PADI and SSI
  • Offers all the best dive sights in the Gulf of Orosei, including three WW2 wreck dives, deep dives, walls, shoals and rocks between 40 and 10 meters
  • Caters to all level of divers, from beginner to experienced, including mixed gases
  • Chris, the owner has spent 12 years in the area as a dive and fishing guide/instructor
  • Very high rating and great feedback on Trip advisor
  • Have great top quality gear to hire

Disclaimer: We were provided complimentary dives with Sardinia Divers, however, our honest thoughts and awesome experiences are always our own.

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Essential Packing: Hoboroll Review

Find out why I recommend the GobiGear Hoboroll an essential packing item for your next travel adventure with the GobiGear Hoboroll Review.



We were sent a Hoboroll from GobiGear a few months ago, but it was only when I set off walking on the Camino de Santiago that I actually got to review the Hoboroll.

Hoboroll Review Backpack

Hoboroll Review

Hoboroll Review

I couldn’t bring myself to use the Hoboroll when it first arrived. It just seemed too gimmicky. But when I started to put together my packing list for the Camino de Santiago, I realised that I was going to need more space in my small backpack.

The Hoboroll came to the rescue.

What is the Hoboroll?

Essentially, the Hoboroll  is a luggage organiser that is split into small compartments for easily packing separate items. The entire Hoboroll can then be compressed using the two compression straps that run around the outside.

The GobiGear Hoboroll is made of tough, lightweight nylon which makes it durable, but still lightweight. It also has a shoulder strap if you want to carry it. Personally I think that looks a little dorky and would rather stuff it into my backpack.

How to use the Hoboroll?

When I first tried to use the Hoboroll I made the mistake of trying to stuff too many big items into each compartment. Each compartment is quite small so this meant that I quickly filled up the space.

Ideally, you really want to just pack smaller items into the Hoboroll. By packing your underwear, socks and other small clothing bits and pieces, you have it all in one tidy pile.

I hate arriving at a destination after a 15 hour long-haul flight and wanting to quickly find a new pair of undies or socks to throw on to regain that “clean” feeling. Before the Hoboroll, I had to rip my bag apart trying to find them. Now I know exactly where they are each time I go searching.

Hoboroll Review

GobiGear Hoboroll Review

What I didn’t like about the Hoboroll

While I loved the Hoboroll, there are a couple of small things that I personally would change to suit my pedantic-self.

I would have preferred the Hoboroll to only have one end that opens up. I felt that a drawstring was unnecessary at either end of the Hoboroll and stuff kept sliding out when I tried to pack it. This also leads to my second modification that I would have preferred the Hoboroll to roll out completely rather than being a cylindrical shape. That way you could pack each compartment before rolling it up. The compartments limit what you can pack anyway so this just makes sense to me.

Finally, one of the compression straps actually snapped while I was tightening the Hoboroll. This was actually my fault because I had one knee forcing the Hoboroll down while I pulled too hard on the strap. And it still worked with just one compression strap.


I definitely recommend the Hoboroll to those that love to be organised with their packing while travelling. While I don’t think the Hoboroll actually saves you any space in your backpack, it does provide a lot more organisation to any traveller.

Update: I have since been contacted by GobiGear and they have taken my review into consideration and are going to provide me with a replacement Hoboroll because of my immense strength breaking the strap on the last one. They are also redeveloping it with one end closed and a secret compartment like I mentioned. Bonus!

I received a Hoboroll for free from GobiGear as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication, but my thoughts, and rugged product testing, are always my own.

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Meet Cole and Adela

Cole and AdelaWe have been wearing out our jandals (Kiwi for flip-flops) on our travel adventures around the world since 2009. We think our blog is thought provoking and a little witty. But we have been proven wrong before. Find out more about us here...