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Choosing the Right Caravan Air Conditioner



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Traveling with your caravan would be at its best when an air conditioning unit is added. There are massive producers of caravan air conditioners in the Australian market today. Making a shortlist might help you in finding what suits your needs.

About Caravan Air Conditioner

A caravan air conditioner is not for everyone’s needs, but it has unique features most caravan owners want to experience. Somebody asks, “Is it the same as a household air conditioning unit?” The answer is simple: caravans’ air conditioner is designed for travels that keep water out and reduce constant vibration when traveling. They are also more expensive than a typical air conditioning unit but have household versions too.

A variety of models are found in the market, both compact and larger, to suit any caravan unit. Like other fixtures, air conditioner units for caravans do have disadvantages and advantages in certain situations. Mention some are availability and spare parts prices.

Caravan Air Conditioner Terms

The following terms can help you choose the correct air conditioner for your caravan or RV.

360mm/400mm Square Opening

A square opening is an existing hole in your caravan subject to modification in fitting an air conditioner. The 360mm size of the opening is based on an American-style roof vent, while the 400mm is based in Europe. Both are made to fit a new caravan or RV, with some models providing extra adapters for better installation.

Kilowatt or kW

Kilowatt is a measurement of both cooling and heating output. It has a different unit called British Thermal Unit (BTU), where 1kW equals 3412 BTUs.

Types of Caravan Air Conditioners

The market has to offer varieties of caravan air conditioners to meet everyone’s needs. Each provides unique features you might be looking for.

Roof-top Air Conditioner

The first style of an air conditioner is perfect for recreational vehicle layouts. It won’t take up much space in the vehicle as installed on the ceiling. Cold air will drop from the caravan’s roof, that’s why.

Built-in Style Air Conditioner

Caravan models such as pop-top, camper trailers, or camper vans with single skin roofs are best with built-in air conditioners. Installation of an air conditioner will add weight to the caravan; thus, changing the gearing is necessary.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

The outside temperature can affect the heating function inside the caravan. Having an air conditioner in a reverse cycle model balances the temperature coming in and out of the vehicle. A caravan air conditioner with heating elements can be effective in any climate, as it delivers both heating and cooling effects.

Features of Caravan Air Conditioner

Adding up an air conditioner unit to your caravan requires some things to consider to ensure its total capacity. It includes:

Amperage for a Caravan

The importance of amperage depends on how the caravan is used. If it demands using extra power, for instance, from a generator, amperage may matter.

For ongoing use, an air conditioner will need more amps to operate continually, so the generator will be responsible for providing enough power. Choose a unit from a well-known brand with proven work not to fall short in power. On the other hand, budget generators may over-quote their output rating to deceive buyers.

Wind resistant Caravans

No matter the profile of your caravan will not affect wind resistance. A roof-top version varies in height with the same frontal area and yet has little effect on airflow. It is only a cosmetic consideration that can be changed over time.

Insulation for your Caravan

Proper insulation is essential for caravans making the interior more pleasant. When the climate drops, insulated walls and ceilings will keep you warm and comfortable.

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Air Conditioner Brand Recommendations

Among the multiple brands that sell RV products ready for air air-conditioning installation are the following:


Coleman is manufactured in the USA with an almost faultless operation. Most customers choose to replace an old Coleman after many years for upgrading and not due to defects. It is still a reliable unit and never washed out in the market. As a result, there is a lesser need for service agents who can contact for quick technical advice and services.

Denso Air Conditioner

Another international company is Denso working with the local RV industry, specifically with roof-top and under-bunk versions. They sell spare parts at a reasonable price to match their local competitors.

Dometic/Waeco/Trauma for Caravans

These three large companies operate around Australia to offer high-quality RV products. Besides, each one of them delivers good warranty support and a high supply of spare parts, with the best service agent network.

Does the RV Plus Express Have a model recommendation?

First, we recommend buyers check the product’s specifications before placing an order to reduce wrong purchases. The company has to sell caravan air conditioning and heating units that fit most vehicles.

You may look for some accessories produced by leading manufacturers to complete your purchase. RV Plus Express has contact with reputable sources to meet your needs.

If bad reports on a particular unit we sell occur, we consider customer feedback to at least innovate new products.

Caravan Air Conditioner Summary

Purchasing your caravan air conditioning with the best value for money depends on the provided features. Prices may vary over time. Reputable suppliers guarantee honest feedback from the customers to support your decision in choosing the best possible unit. We share some recommendations of popular brands above for your reference in making your final decision.

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What You Need to Know When Shopping for a Used Vehicle



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Buying a used vehicle is a great way to save money. You can still walk away with a reliable car that will transport you from point A to point B for years to come. However, there are a few things any buyer will need to do when shopping for their perfect used car.

Do your research and know what you want

Don’t go shopping blindly. Start by researching the type of vehicle that fits your needs, looking for used vehicles with the cheapest insurance. That way, you will be able to quickly eliminate options and save time in they buying process. As an example, it’s unlikely a driver in a major city who uses the car to and from work every day will want a large truck with poor fuel economy and is tricky to park in tight spaces.

Once you know what type of vehicles meet your driving needs, set a budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to factor in licensing fees, license plates, or HST. You’ll also want to consider the costs associated with vehicle maintenance, fuel, and insurance – some cars are more expensive than others in the long-run!

Check out the car’s history

Once you find a vehicle that fits your needs and budget, be sure to look at the vehicle history. There are a lot of services available to shoppers to get a glimpse into the history of a specific car. Some of these are free but this is an area worth investing in. A history report will tell you if the odometer reading is accurate, if it has suffered and reported damage, and even if it has been branded a ‘salvage’ vehicle.


When shopping for a used car, rather than looking at the cheapest option be prepared to negotiate. The cheapest cars available will likely have a story attached to them, such as past collisions or poor maintenance, and the impact of that story will end up costing you more in the end. Instead, look at the higher-priced used cars, and bring in ads for cheaper options of the same make and model to use as leverage in your negotiation. There are places that say “we buy your car” and it’s up to you to determine when that is a good deal personally.

Take it to the mechanic

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Even the best looking and sounding vehicle could have a problem the average person is unable to detect on their own. If you’re caught up in the excitement of purchasing your new car it can distract you from catching potential problems. Even if you’ve done the history check, tested the vehicle numerous times, and taken a look under the hood, wheels and tires, still have the car brought to a mechanic before you seal the deal. That way, you can finalize the sale with the comfort of knowing an expert has provided you with all the details of what’s going on inside the car.

Find the right insurance coverage

The last thing every shopper needs to do before they hit the road with their new used car is to research and compare the car insurance through Kanetix to find the insurance that’s right for them. When you compare car insurance rates, it’s easy to find the best coverage for your price point and secure that rate.

Even though new technology is always appealing, it’s estimated that 59% of car shoppers purchased used vehicles in the past year. While buying used can bring significant savings to drivers, it can also end with frustration or worse. But shoppers who follow these key steps can buy used with the confidence of knowing they’ve done so the right way.

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