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The benefits of short holidays vs long holidays



It is easy to think that longer trips are automatically more satisfying than short ones. After all, if you have weeks or months in a destination then you can do a lot more than in a weekend, can’t you?

Self Drive the Golden Circle in One Day in Iceland

The benefits of short holidays vs long holidays

However, once we think about it for a few minutes it becomes clear that short, snappy breaks can be just as satisfying as longer trips, albeit in different ways. The following are some of the biggest benefits to keeping it short and sweet when it comes to your travel plans.

See More Places Each Year

If you go on a long trip to just one city then you will probably have a great time. Spending a lot of time in the one place means that you can explore it fully, get to know its secrets and maybe get to make some friends. These are all terrific benefits but what if that means that you don’t have the time or money to make another trip that year?

Anyone with a passion for travel wants to see as many places as possible. By taking weekend breaks on a regular basis you can cram in a lot more destinations and feel as though you are seeing a lot of the world. If anywhere excites you enough to want to delve more deeply then you can mark it on your list of places to go back to as some point. By keeping your eyes open for cheap breaks on comparison and holiday sites, you can make sure that you always get a low cost break that allows you to think about getting away again in the near future.

Orlando downtown dusk

Dealchecker also offer nano-breaks. These 2 day 1 night breaks offer the opportunity to get away for a weekend and be back for work on Monday morning. Some examples of those available on the dealchecker website are illustrated in the graphic below, taken from the excellent nano-break book that the company has put together. Take a look at the short weekend breaks available through dealchecker, they might just tickle your fancy!

Leave with a Feeling of Wanting More

Have you ever left a city with a feeling of wanting more? You know that it is time to go home but you have that tantalising sensation of needing just one more day or one more week there. Compare that with the listless sensation of having spent too long in your destination. It might not seem like it at the time but leaving when you still want more is a great way to end a trip. Of course, if you are going to a world class city like London, Paris or Rome you can’t possibly expect to see it all in a weekend. This means that as you travel to the airport for the flight home you will already be planning your next trip there. You will know now what the city has to offer and you will know that you like it but you need more time to explore it fully. In a strange way this can mean going home with your batteries recharged and with your mind fixed on doing all you can to get away as soon as possible. A city you like which offers unexplored possibilities is always going to hold a special place in your heart.

Go When You Really Want to

When you plan a long trip it is always an exciting occasion. However, it might be that you need to compromise on the travel dates because of work commitments, your partner’s availability or some other reason. Planning a long trip like this can be tricky but a weekend break is usually really easy. If you are feeling in the mood for seeing some more of the world you just need to seize the moment and look for somewhere to go during the next weekend. By travelling in this way you will feel adventurous, you will feel in the mood to get away and you might even feel a bit giddy with the excitement. What better way is there to travel than with all of those emotions?

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  1. Boris

    September 12, 2016 at 5:04 AM

    I think the short term holiday is the best option. Take in 3 short breaks per year, see more things, meet more people and create more memories. I think if we go on holiday for 7 nights or 10 then often I hear people getting bored and fed up and counting down the days until they go back home lol – At least with a short break you do not have time to worry about when you go home, you just get on with enjoying the trip!!

  2. solturatravel

    November 29, 2016 at 7:40 PM

    Nice article as for me. It would be great to read something more concerning this theme.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Sight



Our eyesight is perhaps one of our most useful and most essential senses (this, of course, may be moot). For many, the idea of losing their vision can be a scary thing. Loss of vision begins for many in their late 40s when it starts to become prominent. However, there are many ways in which you can improve your sight and keep from losing it in the extended scheme of things.

So here in this list, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 5 ways in which you can improve your sight.

5 Ways To Improve Your Sight

# 1 – Prescription Glasses

In today’s internet driven world it is now easier than ever to get whatever you want online. You can buy glasses online or prescription sunglasses very easy and have it delivered to your home. No fuss and no hassle.

# 2 – Eat Carrots

Carrots are especially beneficial for our eye health, and it would prove invaluable for you to eat or drink as much carrot juice as you can. It may initially have a bitter taste but the more you drink it you will get used to it.

# 3-  Bilberry Supplements

Bilberry is a supplement that is not that common with those who aren’t into the health niche, but bilberry is an excellent supplement for those who are looking to improve their eyesight.

# 4 – Watch Things From Far Away

This may seem like a strange method, but when you look at items off at a distance, you are strengthening your eyes. Your eyes are muscles, and they need exercise just as much as your body does.

So when you are looking at items or object off at a distance you are doing your eyes a significant workout that they desperately need.

# 5 Finger Eye Push Ups

To continue on with our last entry – a great way to get your eyes to see better and to improve them is by doing finger eye push-ups. Now, this doesn’t mean placing your finger in your eye but your eye’s vision.

By placing your finger in front of your eye and then away and back again you will strengthen the eye. This is because the eye is working to see an object in two different ranges.

Strength Your Eyes

Improving your eyes without surgery and an operation is possible. And if you consider these methods, you will “see” where we are coming from.

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Video Slot Games Are All The Rage



Online casino games have seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the years. Let’s be honest -gambling is the average man’s pastime event. Very easy, simple and if you’re lucky you can win out big on a few small dollars or coins.

For this reason slot games have become some of the most highly played and enduring online casino games for newbies as well as veterans.

So it is no wonder that video slot games like Bullion Bars slot online are some of the most popular online casino games. Not only do they provide a great deal of entrainment but the payouts are quite high for those who manage to get the jackpot prize money.

However what remains a hallmark feature of online casino games and slot games comes in the form of how easy they are to win.

That’s right!

Playing online casino games are much easier to win then had you visited a real-life casino. This is not to undermine real-life casinos – as they do offer their fun and entertainment.

But online casino games are geared to the player. The online casino must payout players, all players, for a majority of the time, and when we say a majority of the time we mean almost all of the time.

Many online slot casino games and other casino games require that the online casino have a payout rate as low as 95%.

As low as 95%!!!!

So the chances of winning are highly in favor of the players. Failure to pay out players and having the casino simply take in more income then should be taking in will have the online casino shut down.

For those interested in playing online video slot games then now is the best time to play in this very lucrative and highly entertaining entertainment medium.

Online slot games come in a variety of themes and can offer any player, old or new, an experience that will keep them coming back time and time again.

The experience that online slot games offer players are top-notch, and the notion that many layers can play these games anywhere, at home on their desktop or the bus on their mobile home is what makes these games so alluring.

With very little to pay to play these games and a massive amount that can be paid out on a small amount as well as for being entertained the online casino slot gems don’t look like they will slow down anytime soon.

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Three Reasons Pregnant Women Should Test Their Tap Water



Drinking plenty of fresh, clean water is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  It’s even more important to make sure your water is free of contaminants when you are pregnant.  Drinking enough water during pregnancy maintains amniotic fluid levels and helps carry nutrients to the baby.  However, if you are drinking contaminated water, the more you drink, the more the fetus is exposed to the harmful effects of those contaminants.

Water quality has been headline news lately after it was discovered that the public drinking water contained lead in Flint, Michigan.  If you’re pregnant or know someone who is, you may be wondering if it is safe to drink tap water while pregnant.  Here are three contaminants you should test for if you’re pregnant and drinking tap water.

  1. Lead

Lead poisoning is a serious concern during pregnancy.  Lead can be found in old water taps and outdated plumbing.  As water travels through and sits in these pipes, it can absorb lead.  If a pregnant woman drinks this water, her body then absorbs the lead which can be passed to the fetus.

While lead may not cause serious harm to a pregnant woman, the fetus can suffer lasting damage from even low levels of lead exposure. As the fetus grows, lead causes blood cells to become deformed, preventing them from functioning properly. Lead also damages the peripheral and central nervous systems causing learning disabilities as the child develops. Children affected by lead also tend to be shorter than other children and may have trouble with their hearing.

  1. Bacteria

Water naturally contains bacteria, but in excess amounts it can be harmful, especially to pregnant women.  E. coli is a type of bacteria that is occasionally found in the water.  This is the same bacteria that is known to cause food poisoning, and it has the same effects when it is in your water. It can cause stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, all of which can put a developing fetus at risk.  Bacterial contamination can also be an indication of other contaminants such as protozoa and viruses which are linked to dysentery and hepatitis.

  1. Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and Chemicals

Lead poisoning and bacterial contamination are the most dangerous water contaminants for a pregnant woman and her baby, but there are other pollutants that are also concerning.  Both municipal water and well water can test positive for pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals.  While in low amounts, they may not be especially harmful to the pregnant mother, any exposure can pose a risk to the developing fetus.

Make Sure Your Tap Water is Safe

If you’re pregnant, the best way to make sure your drinking water is safe, is to test it.  Whether you are drinking tap water, city water, well water, bottled water, or even filtered water, all are at risk for common contaminants that can harm a fetus.  You can send water samples to a lab for complete analysis, but this can be costly, and it often takes weeks to get results. A faster and easier solution is a home testing kit.  Most kits will give you results in a matter of minutes.   If you’re pregnant, don’t take chances with the water you’re drinking, test your water today.

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