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How To Plan The Ultimate Stag Party



As the best man, it’s on your shoulders that the last night of freedom of your groom friend is an epic night. The groom-to-be deserves nothing short of perfection on his stag night. Getting all the friends of the groom together for an awesome stag party is going to be your responsibility, the best man and that means nothing but all things best for your friend.

So how do you throw the ultimate stag party? Here’s how.

1. Get The Stag Gang ready

Getting the contact details of the closest and most important friends of the groom, is going to be a task for you. You will then have to get them all together to discuss the details of the stag night like date, location, accommodation etc. Since the planning part of a stag do is the more time consuming one, it’s better to start the stag do planning early on. This will leave you with plenty of time to do the arrangements at decent prices. Keep in mind that last minute bookings can be quite heavy on the pockets.

2. Consulting the groom

While the major details about the stag do should be a surprise, you will still need to have some discussion regarding the stag night with the groom. This would include sharing the guest list because you don’t want to leave out someone important to the groom or invite an enemy. So share a rough draft of the guest list with the groom in the beginning itself before sending out the invites.

If you’re planning a destination stag do in Budapest, Amsterdam, Benidorm or any other popular destination, you might want to run it by the groom, incase he has a favourite destination.

It’s also important to give the groom options of the date for the stag night so that he can clear his schedule well in time.

3. Budget

Budget is extremely important for a great stag do. Planning a stag night will become much simple and easier if you have a budget in place. You should sit with the stag gang, except for the groom-to-be, and discuss an affordable budget for which everyone can easily pitch in. Make sure the budget isn’t too high so that no one has to go out of their way to contribute towards it. Once the budget is set, you can then look at places, accommodation options and allocate a portion of the budget for each of the requirements.

4. Stag Do activities

Make sure you plan some fun activities, games and pranks for the stag night, without which the last of night of freedom is incomplete. You can plan activities like archery, go karting, city tour, bar hopping, archery, football, escape rooms etc. There are plenty of stag do companies that help organise activities in different cities. You can hire one of them to plan your stag weekend itinerary.

Apart from the activities, you should also plan some drinking games and harmless pranks to play on the groom-to-be. It’s a tradition to embarrass the stag on his last night as a bachelor, so put your brains together and come up with something funny and naughty.


The two most important ingredients of a perfect stag do are, the company of close friends and lots of fun. These two are enough to ensure that the stag has the time of his life before he has to stand at the altar and say ‘i do’. So as the best man, make sure that all the important people to groom are with him on his stag do and plan fun things for the night to make it an unforgettable stag do.

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