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FlightHubs Travel Tips for Visiting Montreal for under $25

Visiting Montreal for under $25



Montreal is an island-city located in the lower end of the St. Lawrence River, in Quebec and is affectionately known as the mini Europe of North America. With its historic landmarks, and stunning views Montreal also happens to be a budget traveler’s dream destination! As one of the most affordable places to visit in the world, enjoy the city like a local without breaking the bank! FlightHub Review brings you all the best of Montreal on a shoestring!

Outdoor activities in Montreal - Mont Royal

Start your day with a cup of coffee from one of Montreal’s many delicious and local cafes! Whether you’re in the up-and-coming area of St. Henri, or if you’re in the trendy area of the Plateau, you’re choice of coffee providers are endless. FlightHub suggest splurging a bit and grabbing a café au lait and a croissant from Au Kouign Amman bakery on Mont-Royal Avenue. This authentic Brittany bakery is open 7 days a week, with pastry chefs working tirelessly to bring their customers only the best croissants this side of the Atlantic Ocean. For less than $3, you’re ready to start your day!

Now that you’re fueled up, FlightHub recommends visiting any of the numerous museums Montreal has. Gain free entrance and access to the permanent collections of the museums, and spend your morning wandering around the beautiful buildings! If you’re looking for a different museum experience, then FlightHub suggests heading to the Redpath Museum at McGill University. With a suggested donation of $5, step inside the Victorian building and marvel at the unique oddities and artifacts collected for the museum!

Outdoor activities in Montreal - Cycling with Bixi

Outdoor activities in Montreal – Cycling with Bixi

Next on your to-do list while in Montreal is to get out and walk everywhere! Montreal is a small city and despite being home to more than 1.6 million people, the downtown core and surrounding areas are easily accessible by walking! If the weather is nice, then grab a 24hr Bixi pass for $7 and bike out to Parc Jean Drapeau! Is it too cold to bike? Then wander down to the Montreal Metro system, for $6 you can buy a two-way ticket to anywhere on the island. FlightHub suggest walking around the Old Port of Montreal first! Make sure you’re camera ready and explore hidden cobblestone streets at your leisure! If you’ve still got the energy for it, then make your way to the Plateau and take a hike up Mount Royal! Once there, hang around the lookout and get the birds eye view of Montreal! If you’re visiting during the winter months, take advantage of the weather and rent some skates at Beaver Lake! Rentals are only $5 and are endless fun!

Are you walking up a storm? Then it’s time to refuel with some of the best shawarma Montreal has to offer at Boustan Restaurant. FlightHub can’t get enough of this place, and as a Montreal staple a trip to the city isn’t complete without tasting their famous garlic potatoes!

Now that you’re recharged for your walking extravaganza, weave your way through the vintage shops on St. Laurent Boulevard. Feel like playing dress up? Then FlightHub thinks you should check out Eva B’s, a multi-level second hand clothing and costume shop! Find everything you need to dress up as Madonna to a pro-boxer for less than a lunchtime snack!

Making your way into the evening doesn’t mean the free fun needs to stop. Montreal is a festival city with events happening year-round! Come rain or shine or blizzard, Montrealers know how to keep the party going. See what’s going on at the Quartier des Spectacles, as the site is home to the International Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs Festival, FrancoFolies, and much much more! Entrance to these festivals are always free, so wander at your leisure!

Finally, take your last few dollars and hit up L’Entrepot restaurant, where everything on the menu (and FlightHub really means everything) is only $5 all year-round! Load up on poutine, burgers, and anything else you want to munch on in this ultra-chill restaurant!

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How to Improve Payment Experiences for Consumers



Improving the payment experience for your customers doesn’t have to be difficult, even with the plethora of complex merchant account solutions on the market. Regardless of the solution your business uses, there are a few things you can do to make customers want to spend their money and give you their business. If you have been trying to think of ways to improve the payment experience, try implementing some of the following tips first.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

By offering multiple payment options, you can attract new customers and ensure your existing ones can pay with ease. No one enjoys carrying around large sums of money, and many modern consumers expect to be presented with a variety of payment options. Many customers prefer to use their phones to make payments while others prefer to use credit or debit cards.

Streamline the Online Payment Process

It is a fact – customers want a fast and safe online payment experience. If your business allows customers to make online purchases or payments, you should emphasize safety and efficiency. Consumers do not enjoy having to visit multiple websites or enter a superfluous amount of personal information simply to make a purchase or transaction that should take less than one minute. By streamlining and simplifying your online payment system, you can ensure your customers remain satisfied.

Offer Rewards to Loyal Customers

Many merchant account solutions provide business owners with the opportunity to implement a rewards or loyalty program. These programs provide frequent customers and patrons with various rewards and incentives for making purchases. Most people don’t enjoy spending money, but when they are rewarded for doing so, they are more likely to come back and recommend a business to their friends and family members.

Is Clover What Your Business Needs?

The Clover POS system is ideal for any business owner seeking to improve their customers’ payment experience. Offering a sleek and sophisticated design, Clover offers everything a business owner could want in a single package. Contact Merchant Account Solutions today to speak with a professional.

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Hot Topic Here’s How To Have A Cool (And Warm) Home!



I’m not talking about having a funky retro home or awesome bachelor pad here! No, instead this post is all about temperature management in the home and what you can do to control it at both ends of the spectrum. Something that is worthwhile doing as it can not only make your house a more pleasant place to live but save you money too. Read on to find out more.

Thermal curtains

One way that you can regulate the temperature in your home efficiently is by picking the right window dressings. Yes, transparent voile looks lovely, but they aren’t the most efficient way to keep the heat in during the winter, or even stop the heat penetrating your room during the summer.

In fact, it’s much better to use thick, specially designed thermal curtains for this task. After all, it costs money to heat or cool a room, and by buying some reasonably priced blackout curtains, you can save a fortune, as well as make your home space much more comfortable during extremes of weather.

Triple glazing

A massive part of controlling the temperature in your home is the type of window that you have. Old style windows with wooden frame and a single pane of glass are the least energy efficient because they do not create enough of a barrier between the outside and inside of your home. This lack of barrier results in natural movement of heat between the inside and outside, making it very difficult to, maintain a constant temperature in the room.

However, manufacturers and most builders have long since dropped this type of window for triple glazed ones instead. The additional layers of glass act as insulation and help to maintain the temperature in the room. Once again meaning that it is easier to keep cold or warm because not so much of the air that is at the right temperature is being lost.

The right window can make all the difference in home temperature control.

Screen doors

Another smart strategy for controlling the temperature within your home in to install what is known as a screen door or a security screen. These are mesh screens that experts will fit over the regular doors, the idea being that you can keep the doors open in the summer to provide a cooling breeze and not compromise the security of your home at the same time.

Of course, you will need to get some tips for buying security screens before making your purchase. After all, as most families will want to make sure they choose the most secure option, so they can use their screen door overnight and still, have peace of mind.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are something else you may wish to consider if you are looking to regulate the temperature in your home. Naturally, they are best suited to keeping a warm area cold, as their rotation moves air about and provides a breeze.

However, before deciding to install a ceiling fan, it’s important to look at the dimensions of the room that you wish to do this in. Such spaces need to be tall enough that no one will be in danger of hitting their head on the fan when it is in use.

Also, as ceiling fans are often large and cumbersome items, it is vital that they do not overwhelm the room and ruin the aesthetics and ambiance that you have worked so hard to create.

Air conditioning

One of the most popular temperature control methods for the home is air conditioning. Air conditioning is a system where air from outside is brought in from outside and cooled before being released into your home. Many people that live in hot climates already have such systems, and rely on them daily to control the temperature in their home, especially during the warmest times of the year.

Although, others query whether the cost of installation and running is too high for air conditioning to be an economical way of managing temperature. Certainly, the cost of installing and maintenance can be high, and when you add running costs to this, it can make air conditioning seem more like a luxury, especially in locations where they can do without it for most of the year.

With that in mind to help you make your decision, it can be useful to watch a video like the one below and research the cost versus benefit issue in more depth.


Glass film

Glass film, also known as Solar Film is an additional method of temperature control used in the home. The film is tinted and applied to windows, and it prevents a large portion of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays entering the building and warming up the air.

It also reduces sun glare which is an added benefit as it can mean that your home environment is much more comfortable no matter how bright the day is outside.

Underfloor heating

One of the most substantial developments in home temperature regulation is underfloor heating, as it tends to be a lot more efficient than the regular type of radiator heating. The reason for this is that the heat is more easily dispersed around the room, meaning less is needed to raise the temperature to an acceptable level and keep it that way.

Before installing such a heating system in your home, it is worth remembering in that there are two types on the market. The first type is water based, with hot water running through pipes installed under the floor. The second type is electrical element based and is where the elements are controlled by an electrical charge. Each type is often be suited to some properties, in particular, so do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

Infrared heating

Last of all, if controlling your home temperature is a hot topic then it’s also worth considering infrared heating. This is one of the newest methods of home heating on the market. It is also incredibly efficient.

The reason that it is so economical is that the system works by directing heats to specific areas of the home. In this way you have much more control over the precise temperature of your environment and a lot less energy is wasted in maintaining a constant level of heat across the entire space.

Therefore infrared heating is a good choice too to consider if you are looking to stabilise your homes inner temperature, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

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Choosing The Perfect Location For Your New Property



When you are searching for a new property, it is important that you consider its location. Don’t focus too much on the interior of your new home. It will always be possible for you to renovate or redecorate. However, once you have moved, you won’t be able to do anything about your location. When you are evaluating different locations, you will need to consider the weather conditions, the local community, the lifestyle that you can expect to enjoy, the career opportunities available, and the potential to make money in the future. When it comes to property, it is always best to plan ahead. Why settle for temporary convenience when you can work hard to achieve perfection?

Think about the weather

Choosing a location with your ideal weather conditions is a wise move. It will be difficult to enjoy your new home if you are constantly having to deal with bad weather. Increased levels of sunshine can actually help to improve your mood. That is why you should consider investing in an area that has plenty of sunny weather to offer. For instance, at Encuentra 24, you could purchase one of many beautiful Costa Rican beachfront homes.

Consider your lifestyle

Make sure that there is plenty for you to do in your new location. Don’t just settle for the same lifestyle that you have always had. Instead, strive for something more. Perhaps your new location provides more opportunities for outdoor sports. Maybe your new home is situated in a place of amazing natural beauty. Whatever the case, it is important that your lifestyle changes for the better.

Find a great community

You can’t put a price on living in a friendly community. This is especially true when you are moving abroad. You will need to find people that are happy to accept you and overcome any language barriers. When you are looking around your potential properties, make sure that you get to know your neighbours. This is the best way to find out about your new area and to feel more at home.

Consider your career

Moving property may be the perfect opportunity for you to change career. Make sure that you do your research beforehand and understand all of your options. If you are ready for a complete change, you should consider using your new property as a source of income. You might want to rent it out as a holiday home or rent out just one of your spare rooms. You could also consider building an annex, as this would allow you to use the property throughout the year, but also make some extra money.

Invest in the future

One of the most important things to consider about a location is its potential for growth. Make sure that you buy a property in an up and coming area. Take note of whether the house prices are predicted to rise or fall. You might not be able to afford an extremely popular location, but you should still be able to find one with lots of potential.

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