Grey Mare’s Trail – Weekly Hump Day Photo

| February 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

Happy Hump Day! What is Hump Day you may ask yourself? Check out this quick description then come right back

Each Wednesday we post up a picture of something that we have found helps us imagine NOT being at work and helps us get to the weekend faster. It could be just a relaxing beach, a surfing location, a great snorkelling spot, a destination, well you get the idea.

Where In The World This Week?

Grey Mare's Trail View

We are heading away to the Scottish Highlands this weekend and plan on doing a bunch of hikes. Hopefully we will get some views like this one from Grey Mare’s Trail in the Scottish Borders.

The walk leads up to a huge waterfall which plunges into a narrow valley. To be honest we were feeling lazy so didn’t walk that far up but would love to explore it more in the near future.

What memories does this photo evoke to help you get over Hump Day?

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  1. Wandergirl says:

    I was in the Highlands in April last year. Only a few days, but I feel like they belong to me. I get a little heartachey whenever I see pictures. Enjoy yourselves – it’s a truly stunning part of the world.

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