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Welcome to Four Jandals Adventure Travel Blog

So glad you wanted to learn a little bit more about the site! This is one of the worlds leading adventure travel blogs that provides you with tips, tricks and travel guides for the best travel adventures in the world.

Our main goal is to inspire others to travel. We want to do that by providing adventure travel tips and tales to help you step out of your comfort zone, in comfort.

Where it all began…

It started in 2009 when Cole began wearing out his jandals around the world. Leaving New Zealand Cole headed overseas for the typical Kiwi overseas experience, or OE.

After 4 years, 45+ countries and more crazy experiences and adventures than he can count, Cole is now back in New Zealand. Luckily the Four Jandals adventure continues…

Introducing Moss and Rebecca

Rebecca Barlow and Moss Burmester

Having retired from Olympic swimming after 2010, Moss (Cole’s brother) and his partner in crime Rebecca are embarking on their own overseas adventure.

Since 2012, their weekends have been action packed as they have explored the nooks and crannies of New Zealand’s coastline via jet ski, and scoped out the beautiful secrets of the country.

When the opportunity to travel overseas peeped into view, they both grabbed it with open arms. After more than 10 years of travelling the world to swim competitively and attempting to explore entire cities in only a day, Moss was prepared to sell off all his toys (including his beloved red jet ski).

Having booked one way tickets, with their sights set on what the coastline of Europe has to offer, their adventure started in London with a brief stint in Istanbul. They then set sail from Greece to Sardinia exploring Sicily and Corsica along the way. Now the adventure continues!

With similar passions to Cole, there is never a dull moment with Moss and Rebecca. They hope to continue the Four Jandals adventure and reach the high bar that Cole has set!

More about Cole’s adventures and the origins of Four Jandals

At the end of 2009 I sold everything but my snowboard and travelled around the world to Canada with my girlfriend.

I settled in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, Jasper, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. For 10 months I snowboarded during the winter (ending up in hospital injured) and then guided a white water raft in the summer.

White Water Rafting Guide - Jasper, Canada

However, the blog only began on an epic 18,000 km road trip across Canada and America. At the time we were only writing in a little notebook each night about how much we spent, how far we travelled each day and what we saw and experienced.

Road Trip Across North America

From there the blog continued to grow and became my full time job for 2 years as I explored Europe, Africa and South East Asia.

Since returning to New Zealand I knew I didn’t want to finish the travel blog. Luckily with Moss and Rebecca taking over the adventures and couples travel advice can continue!

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