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Timeshare resales are something we recently came across online. These are basically hotel rooms in a resort. Sometimes the entire resort is made up of only timeshares and sometimes there are just a few timeshares within a resort amongst other hotel rooms. Timeshare resales are timeshares for sale by owner, so they’re much cheaper than what the resort would sell them for directly.

Timeshare Pros

A timeshare is like a short-term apartment because most have a kitchen and at least one private bedroom. They’re often very spacious and provide more of a home-like experience for vacationers.

Most timeshares are located in popular vacation destinations such as Branson, Orlando and Las Vegas. They’re usually centrally located and come with all the typical amenities you’d expect at a hotel like a pool, Wi-Fi, on-site restaurant etc.

Timeshare resales can be rented online, so you no longer have to make a long-term commitment to make use of one. You can simply rent it from an existing owner at a discounted price and enjoy an apartment-like experience in the comfort of a resort.

Many choose to buy a timeshare when they find a resort and destination that they really like. They’re popular amongst families and large groups that enjoy vacationing together.

Timeshare Cons

When you buy a timeshare, you’ll be required to pay a yearly fee to continue owning it. This fee ranges wildly depending on the resort, but it’s usually around $800. Sometimes this fee can increase each year as well. If you rent a timeshare from someone else, you won’t have to pay this yearly fee.

Timeshares aren’t usually a good value for the solo traveler. They aren’t really designed for that. They’re better for larger groups because of the private bedrooms and kitchens. Oftentimes it can be cheaper to get everyone in one unit with multiple bedrooms rather than two separate rooms.

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