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5 Activities to Do in the Scottish Highlands



Do you ever just need to escape to a mythical outdoor place and feel the wind through your hair? The Scottish Highlands are an untamed land of beautiful coastlines, originally occupied by the Gaels where Gaelic was the language of choice. Often depicted as the romantic part of Scotland, we have compiled a list of five activities to propel you into the best that the highlands have to offer.

Boat Trips Around Eilean Donan Castle

For a walk through history, visit the iconic Eilean Donan Castle that started is a small community in the 7th century by the bishop Donan. Since then, the humble island has been built on until a medieval castle sat amongst the breathtaking valleys, and was probably one of the largest at the time.

The castle makes an excellent morning or afternoon activity for a day out in the local area. Soak up the region to its fullest with a ferry tour or a boat trip. The nearby village, Dornie village, is also the ideal place to soak up yet more culture with local beers and great food. For more tips on the best places to stay, visit to get expert advice.

The Great Glen Canoe Trail

Paddling along the scenic lakes of Scotland is a wonderful way to see the highlands. You will pass through four main lochs (lakes). Including Loch Lochy, Loch Oich, Loch Ness and Loch Dochfour. Not just the home to a shy water monster, the loch (lake) Ness is the most famous in Scotland. This is the perfect place to get a boat onto the waters and paddle Scotland’s great lakes.

Mountain Biking in Fort William

The Nevis range is a sprawling series of mountains brimming with untamed wildlife, ranging from heather moorland to peaty bogs and sweeping grasslands. Hop on your mountain bike and test out some of the UK’s best mountain biking trails which has ranges of blue, green and red graded routes.

The Fort WIlliam route in particular is famous for hosting the UCI DH world cups so this is a hot destination for the avid mountain biker. Prepare yourself for a tough route that will get your blood pumping. For real biking enthusiasts, you can also check out the Glentress ride guide for mountain biking in Scotland. There is always more world to see!

Hiking in the Isle of Skye

There is plenty of scenery that Scotland can spoil you with and it might just be that the Isle of Skye is the most wondrous of all. The Isle of Skye literally means ‘cloud island’ and is a landscape of craggy cliff edges, mountain peaks and otherworldly charm. For a fantastic afternoon hike, go and see the fairy pools. If it is warm enough, you can even take a dip.

You are well advised to take a car to the Isle of Skye in order to make the most of the Isle of Skye. For more information, check out this guide on how to see the Isle of Skye. Be prepared for all types of weather as the island can switch in a moment. Packing layers, waterproofs and good hiking shoes with ankle support will see you through the Skye’s changeable weather.

Nature and Hiking at Glen Coe

For the geological enthusiasts out there, these distinct hills and valleys that were carved out centuries ago from glacial erosion and volcanic eruptions have plenty to feast the eyes on. Glen Coe lies on the remnants of a supervolcano which has been long extinct. Then, to see it all from above, you can climb up the Monro mountains.

These picturesque peaks are quite famous and have been used in backdrops in the movies: Harry Potter, Skyfall and, of course, Braveheart. It is also a rich area for nature enthusiasts. The peaks of Glen Coe support the tiny bird the snow bunting and ptarmigan, a distinct and beautiful grouse. Buzzards and golden eagles also soar around the area.

So get planning the ultimate escape in the furthest corner of Scotland and see everything that it has to offer. It’s the perfect place for the adventurer, the nature-enthusiast, the swimmer, the camper, just the all-round explorer.

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