Travel Adventures in Florida

Want to skip the theme parks? Then try Kayaking, Diving and Hanggliding which all make up the best travel adventures to try in Florida, USA.



While Florida is best known for its vast complex of theme parks and golden beaches, there is another side which very few people are aware of; Travel Adventures in Florida. And with villa holiday companies such as Florida 4 Less around, you have the opportunity of experiencing it all.

Only the chosen few, who wouldn’t think twice about a grazed knee, a broken fingernail or a stubbed toe know about the other side of Florida. The one where BMX’s speed down dirt tracks, where fingertips grasp onto life on the side of a rock face and restless feet hike into the unknown.

But where can you find this adrenaline pumped side of Florida?

The answer is… everywhere.

Travel Adventures in Florida

Kayaking in the Florida Keys

If you fancy a travel adventure down in the very South of Florida, then you may very well be interested in a bit of Kayaking in the Florida Keys. With crystal clear waters all year round, dolphins and some of the best seafood Florida can offer, you may very well be interested in the offers available in and around the Key West.

Companies such as the Lazy Dog Kayak Company offer great deals on local kayaking trips.

Although conventionally, many people chose to drive through the Keys, the islands consist of 127.5 miles of land and 42 bridges, making Florida Keys perfect for island hopping via boat or kayak.

The best time to Kayak is in the winter period (between October and March), when the weather is cooler and the local insects are fewer in number. Plus you will also avoid the infamous hurricane season.

Hang Gliding in Orlando

If however, you do fancy the best of both worlds, you can even enjoy some extreme adventure sports in Orlando itself.

Although you wouldn’t perhaps have thought it, Orlando too offers a vast plethora of activities for when even the largest of rollercoasters don’t offer you the adrenaline shot that you were looking for.

Centres such as Wallaby Ranch offer tourists and adventurers fantastic training and flying lessons. Based just South West of Orlando itself, the centre offers introductory tandem flights for everyone, meaning that no experience is necessary to partake in the biggest hang gliding flight centre in the world.

Scuba Diving in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

If you love spending as much time below the waves as you do above them then you may well enjoy the most beautiful waters that the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

With adventure dives from as little as $79 with companies such as Scuba Lessons Inc, and certifications for under $169, there’s no reason why you yourself can’t explore the beautiful waters on the West coast of Florida.

With 95% of the ocean floor currently unexplored, there really is no reason why you yourself can’t improve the number by a percentage or two.

What are your favourite travel adventures in Florida?

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