How to save money for travel

How to save money for travel.



I am unfortunately one of those people in life that finds it difficult, sometimes borderline impossible, to save money. I am one of life’s spenders, and firmly of the opinion that you can’t take it with you, so you might as well enjoy it whilst you’re here. That attitude has often worked against me in the past, meaning many of my plans were detrimentally affected, and would have been so much better if I’d just said “no” to that new outfit. However, one area I do find easy to save for is anything to do with a holiday.

How to save money for travel

Fun is there for the taking whenever a plane is involved in any of my plans, so I find the whole saving lark so much easier! Thankfully, I’m now used to it, as I’m a regular at airports nationwide, happily jetting off for a break in the sun. I am what some people called holiday addicted!

Saving prior to holidays can be done in a number of ways, and I’ve tried most of them. From the simple things like saving £2 coins and putting them in a tin, to planning how much to save from your wages each month and setting up a direct debit to steal it from your account before you have the chance to go on a shopping spree, there are many ways to make sure you have enough in your pocket by the time your departure date rolls around.

An effective way I found was to never, ever take my credit card out with me. I am terrible for impulse buying, but I find if I don’t have the means on me, the impulse often disappears. Another way to save money is to look into your travel plans and see where you can find services cheaper, that actually benefit your holiday as a whole.

I was a little sceptical about all this at first, but believe me, I’ve saved considerable amounts on getting from A to B over the years. Airport taxis are expensive and stressful at the best of times, and when you add public transports and busy trains into the mix, you’re looking at a recipe for high blood pressure before you even check-in. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so I decided to drive myself to the airport, and say goodbye to the stress. It worked a treat, and it ended up being one of those money saving options too. Win-win!

I booked Manchester Airport parking the first time I used this service, and my travel day was much less stressful as a result. Getting myself there meant the control was firmly in my hands, and I didn’t have to leave quite so early. Wherever you’re flying from, you’ll find a service to suit, with fantastic rates on offer for early bookings. Check out Heathrow Airport parking if you’re flying from the capital, and incidentally, look at how much flights from London are when compared to your regional airport. Sometimes even if you add on the cost of driving there and parking, your flight may still come up cheaper. It’s certainly worth a look. Saving money doesn’t mean your service level is less, in fact, whenever I’ve used airport parking, I’ve never found one reason to complain.

Saving money can be hard work, but when you have an aim in mind, and you find ways to cut costs without even thinking about it, it all becomes easier.

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