Adventure Travel Activities in Sydney

From Go Karting to Diving and Surfing, there are plenty of different Adventure Travel Activities in Sydney to keep you occupied on your next adventure.



For some people adventure is an immersive, life-long activity they indulge in as they travel the world. When couples travel together, adventure travel become infinitely more enjoyable.

If you are a regular reader of Four Jandals couples travel blog you quickly realise that they have a lifelong passion for adventure travel. But not everyone is gritty enough to give up a routine life and cross oceans to satisfy a thirst for adventure travel and sports. Travel can be expensive too.

Nowadays going off on holiday still means you can indulge in your favourite adventure travel activities in Sydney without too much hassle. You can even book your travel and hotel accommodation online and not have to deal with someone over the phone or in person.

Adventure Travel Activities in Sydney

If you head to Sydney, Australia, you will find that Go Karting is quite popular. Go Karting Sydney prices may deflate your enthusiasm a little, but if you are determined you can find places offering good deals.

Popular places are the Kartatak Raceway in Arncliffe and Villawood. Another popular Go Karting resort is the Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway. Only 40 minutes drive from the city, offering professional and even competition level Go Karting facilities at a convenient location.

Fastlane Karting is another location offering a variety of packages for families, groups and parties starting at only around $50 per person. Race fans can participate in a Grand Prix here at around $100 per person. The Butterfly Farm is another Go Karting resort in Sydney where you can enjoy Go Karting starting at $30 for a ten minute ride and $110 for a full hour of unmitigated enjoyment.

You can go to the limit, and beyond, at any of these places.

Water Adventures in Sydney

If water adventures are more your style while travelling in Sydney, you have no lack of choices. White water rafting Sydney Olympics Style is available at quite a few locations. In addition, you can enjoy a three hour Sydney Harbour dinner cruise for $100.

A full day powerboat course at the Flying Fish, Mosman can set you back by $900. A three hour sailing experience at Rushcutter Bay could cost you $300. While in Sydney you must go for the Harbour Cruise with open bar that includes the Goat Island tour, open bar and lunch that could all set you back by $600 or more.

Surfing at Mojo surf in Byron Bay, kayaking at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium where you get an experience similar to the white water slalom in the Olympics. Or explore the extreme adventures at Oz Extreme Adventure location in Sydney.

If diving as a sport interests you, then head for the Manly Dive Centre, offering scuba diving courses starting at around $100. Or the popular Scuba Warehouse.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, you pay to have fun and adventure. So why not consider discount coupons that can either reduce your cost or let you do more for the same amount of money.

It is relatively simple to log on to a online discount voucher website, register, buy a pack of coupons and redeem them at various resorts for discounts that can be as much as 70%. Take adventure travel activities to the limit, and beyond, and come away smiling.

This is a Guest Post by William Smith. A lover of exploring all the adventure travel experiences in Sydney when he is travelling the world. 

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