4 benefits of hiring an eco-friendly rental car

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a hybrid car, so you can save money when you hire an Eco-friendly rental car from DriveNow.




Over the past few years we have heard a lot about saving the planet and reducing our carbon footprint and one of the easiest ways to do this is to drive a fuel efficient car on holiday.

The problem is that many people tend to stick with what they know or they just like a particular model car and ignore any potential benefits from eco-friendly cars. They think the same when they hire a rental car, but there are some real world benefits that come with renting an environmentally friendly car, which you might not have considered.

Eco-friendly cars are more fuel efficient

The new hybrid cars have both a combustion engine and an electric motor. The combustion engine of these cars takes advantage of new innovative technology and so are built to be more fuel efficient. On top of this, the electric motor is charged from the combustion engine and the vehicle switches between the two energy sources for maximum fuel economy.

The smaller the car, the better the energy consumption, so if you are hiring a hybrid car go for a small 4 cylinder engine, rather than a gas guzzling 6 cylinder and you will optimize your fuel efficiency even more.

Hybrid cars save you money

With increased fuel economy, you automatically save money on fuel costs, which for long trips can really add up to a decent amount of savings. This means that with the rising price of petrol, it simply makes more sense to hire a hybrid car that cuts down on the amount of fuel you need to buy.

Less greenhouse gas emissions

Cars that are fuel efficient have lower greenhouse gas emissions than regular cars and hybrid cars that switch between a combustion engine and an electric motor, have an even lower emissions. So if you are concerned about helping to reduce your carbon footprint, renting a hybrid car is a positive move in the right direction.

Eco-friendly cars are new model cars

Since hybrid cars are fairly new, they are designed to take advantage of new technology. So you not only have increased fuel economy, because the combustion engine is built to be more fuel efficient, but you also have brand new technology in the electric motor.

Added to this, is the fact that the hybrid cars are, of course, newer models. So, when you hire an eco-friendly car you can be assured of driving a new model car with all the bells and whistles.

Concluding thoughts

The benefits of renting an eco-friendly car is demonstrated in the fuel economy, lower greenhouse gas emissions, cost savings and in being assured of a newer model car. Whether you need an eco-friendly car hire at Melbourne airport or any part of the globe, with DriveNow, you can choose from a wide variety of green cars. You will not only help to lower your carbon footprint, but you will also be assured of finding the best rental price.

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