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Sunken Boat in Celestine Lake: Weekly Hump Day Photo

Our weekly photo this week is from Celestine Lake in Jasper National Park high in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.



It’s Wednesday which means it is Hump Day. What is Hump Day you may ask yourself? Each Wednesday we post up a picture of something that we have found helps us imagine what we might get up to this weekend. It could be just a relaxing beach, a surfing location, a great snorkelling spot, a destination, well you get the idea.

Where In The World This Week?

We loved Jasper National Park when we lived and worked there for 10 months. During the summer we tried to get out camping, hiking and mountain biking as much as possible.

This photo was taken on one of those trips when we hiked for several hours up to Celestine Lake high in the Canadian Rockies. Surrounded by jagged peaks the lake itself was great for a spot of fishing and swimming in to keep cool. This small boat was rotted out and just alongside it were several black bear tracks!

You can be sure that we kept our food tied up in the trees that night.

What memories does this photo evoke to help you get over Hump Day?

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