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Finding a lost love in San Sebastian

I recently rediscovered a passion for surfing while travelling and surfing in San Sebastian which I had previously lost.



Have you ever been travelling and re-discovered a love for something that you hadn’t realised you had lost? Something that you had been so passionate about that you would do anything to get your next fix?

Growing up my life was all about surfing.

Every day after school I would beg my parents to drive me to the local beach for a wave. Once I had my own car all my spare time was spent along the coast.

My vocabulary actually consisted of very little apart from surfing terms. Sick, gnarly and stoked punctuated every sentence. Posters glittered on my bedroom walls and my hero’s were Patrick O’Connell and Robert “Wingnut” Weaver from the movie The Endless Summer II.

Unfortunately as with most things in life other priorities began to take over. I moved away from the beach for University, pursued other sports and started travelling. My passion for surfing slowly dwindled to the occasional chance when I would grab my board to re-spark that fire for a day or two.

For three years we have been travelling the world and in that time I have probably surfed no more than 10 days in total.

Until now. Over the last week we have been staying at the Stoke Travel San Sebastian Surf Camp in the northwest of Spain. It has been here that I have rediscovered that lost love.

Adela surfing in San Sebastian

Every day since we arrived I have been pursuing that perfect wave that every surfer seeks.

I have been pursuing the feelings that only a surfer can understand. No other sports, adventures or activities can come close to producing the feelings that surfing can. Even if you are having the worst day in the world and then surfing will always relax and reinvigorated you.

There is just something about surfing that always makes me happy.

Sitting on my board gazing towards the horizon watching as the swell lines slowly pulse towards the shore. Each wave begins to take shape as the swell pushes against the sea floor bringing a rush of adrenaline into my muscles. Holding my breath as I flick the surfboard around and begin to paddle as the wave rises beneath me.

Springing to my feet I can feel the raw power of the sea as I glide down the waves face.

White water crashes behind my surfboard fins, spitting and sucking at me trying to pull me under. Even as I pull off the wave as it closes out around me I find a grin plastered across my face. It’s all I can do not to run up and down the beach skipping like a madman after each wave.

Rediscovering my passion for surfing over the last week has made me realise that I don’t want to lose this feeling. This is my vow to make sure I continue to travel for the things I love.

Have you recently re-discovered something that you used to love? Tell us below.

Disclaimer: Stoke Travel have been helping me re-discover that lost love at their San Sebastian Surf Camp. However, as always our thoughts are our own.

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