Guest Post: Nomadic Samuel Photo Essay of South Korea

Nomadic Samuel is an amazing photographer. These are just some of his photos from his time living and teaching English in South Korea.



Nomadic Samuel is one talented and amazing photographer and we LOVE all of his stuff. We have actually been waiting ages to get a guest post and photo essay from him and are really stoked to be sharing it with you now! We hope you love his portrait photos as much as we do.

(A smiling Korean performer delights the onlooking crowd with his spectacular acrobatics in a traditional performance at the Korean Folk Village in Yongin – South Korea.)

South Korea is a destination that offers visitors a stark contrast between old and new & traditional and modern with a cultural that is quickly embracing values of the West while firmly grasping onto traditional customs. Although it is not necessarily a ‘backpacker’ friendly destination due to a higher standard of living and inflation when compared to other nations in Asia, it still is a county that offers plenty of value for those diligent enough to visit.

The following photo essay is a series of photos taken in Seoul, Incheon and Yongin that capture candid moments from the streets, performances at the Korean Folk Village and traditional culture at the Gyeongokgung National Palace. The shots are exclusively shots of individuals as candid portraits. My hope is that these photos will inspire others to visit Korea and create their own adventures in a land once referred to as the Hermit Kingdom.

(A traditional Korean performer wearing a folk mask performs slow, deliberate movements just outside of Gyeongbokgung Palace – Seoul, South Korea.)

(Two Korean students enjoy a street side snack along the bustling Insadong district area – one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Seoul, South Korea.)

(A boy blissfully chases after the horse he was riding moments before while flashing an authentic smile. The equestrian performance at the Korean Folk Village was the most popular and entertaining show of the day.)

As a travel photography tip, one should consider carrying a lens that has telephoto capabilities and setting their camera for a fast shutter speed in order to capture motion shots like this without the photo looking blurry and out of focus.

(A girl enjoys a bite out of an ice cream cone offered by Dad as they wander along the hectic Insadong avenue located in Seoul, South Korea.)

(This Korean man stands tall and stoic as he prepares to conduct a changing of the Guard ceremony in front of a large audience at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea.)

(A cute Korean girl grasps ahold of her mother’s arm at a subway station stop in Seoul, South Korea.)

(An elderly lady crouches down on quiet street located in Incheon, South Korea.)

(A Korean begger scrapes along the pavement wearing a special outfit that appears to be made out of rubber as he plays music from his system and collects donations in the red basket along Insadong Avenue located in Seoul, South Korea.)

As a travel photography tutorial, it’s best to take candid shots like these (which can be considered delicate situations) using live view which allows one to capture the moment without being intrusive in a situation that is clearly sensitive.

A Korean traffic attendant motions with her left arm for vehicles to stop in order for a group of students to cross this busy intersection located in Incheon, South Korea.

Samuel Jeffery is the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings of Nomadic Samuel – Travel Blog – a travel site featuring photos, videos & quirky travel stories along with photography tips, interviews, esl tips, reviews and general travel advice.

Additionally aside from Samuel’s travel blog, he also runs other travel related sites: Smiling Faces Travel Photos, Travel Photography Tips, Teach English Abroad Travel Overseas & How To Make Money Travel Blogging. Get in touch with Samuel by following him on his Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Youtube & Google +.

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