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Visiting Lake Nakuru National Park Safari – Photo Essay

Visiting Lake Nakuru National Park for a Game safari is one of the best things you can do in Kenya. Especially if you want to see 4 of the “Big 5”.



The first glimmers of sunlight slowly spread across the sky to the East as our 4WD Safari Van pulled into Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. Various shades of pink, orange, purple and blue began to break into blue as the sun rose above the reflections of Lake Nakuru.

Our Kenyan Safari Vacation to Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park Sunrise

The excitement levels were high on only the second day of my Oasis Overland 75 Day tour from Nairobi to Cape Town.

Mainly since Lake Nakuru National Park contains some of the best wildlife spotting opportunities in Africa, with 4 of the “Big 5” on offer, the only one missing is the almighty Elephant. And within seconds, I was ticking them off the list.

We parked only 100m through the gate entrance next to two gargantuan Water Buffalo 10m away in the grass. Exiled from their herd for becoming too old, they were left to roam the Game Park by themselves without companions for their final years.

Water Buffalo Lake Nakuru Game Park

Perhaps the closeness of the entrance provided them with a sense of protection from the predators wandering the grassy plains.

As we continued along the narrow winding road beneath the blanketing Acacia tree forest, the chatter of Baboons was the only sound breaking the silence above our van’s engine.

Lake Nakuru Game Park Baboons

They quickly realize that Safari vehicles mean food, and all the viewpoints over Lake Nakuru National Park are infested with Baboons trying to climb through open windows after a tasty snack. Unsuspecting tourists are jumped upon, and pieces of fruit are snatched from their hands.

Nasty, nasty animals.

Baboon in Lake Nakuru National Park

Just as common as the Baboons are the Zebras.

Their distinctive black and white stripes graze across the grass amongst the other herbivores in herds spread across several hundred meters. We were even lucky enough to see several fights as they nipped and bit each other as they ran.

Zebra Fight Lake Nakuru Game Park Kenya

The fierce-looking, majestic, Black and White Rhino is plodding along between the Zebra, Impala, and Water Buffalo.

The conservation efforts and anti-poaching Rangers patrolling Game Park means that the Rhino has flourished here. And with over 70 of each species in Lake Nakuru National Park, spotting the 2nd of the “Big 5” is straightforward to do.

White Rhino in Lake Nakuru Game Park

You aren’t just limited to Baboons either. Cheeky Vervet monkeys clamber among the branches of Acacia trees with their babies clinging to their backs as they chatter to one another.

Vervet Monkey Lake Nakuru Game Park

One of the animals I was dying to spot was the Giraffe. And with two shy Giraffes hiding in the forest, I was getting worried we might not see any.

I am not sure what I was worried about.

As we crested one of the hills, the plains dropped away in front of us, revealing over 50 strolling across the grass. Straight across our path, they walked, stopping to strip the juicy leaves from the high branches. Their tongues wrapped around each leaf before moving on their way.

Giraffe eating from an Acacia tree in Lake Nakuru

It was here that our Guides radio began chirping like mad. He said he had a surprise for us just up the road with a grin over his shoulder.

Three lion cubs around a year old resting under the shade of a tree out of the baking hot Kenyan sun. As we switched off our engine, another curious older Male slouched into the open to eye us up.

Young Male Lion in Lake Nakuru Kenya

I could have sat and watched them rest just 5 meters from our Safari van for hours, but there was just too much else to see.

Lake Nakuru National Game Park, Kenya

One of the things that Lake Nakuru is most famous for is its Pink Flamingos.

The famous Pink Flamingo on Lake Nakuru

It seemed like our luck wasn’t about to run out either.

As we turned towards the main gate, our journey was interrupted by the chatter on the radio again. This time a Leopard had been spotted several KMs from our current position.

We didn’t have to be reminded how rare it would be to see a Leopard either. I hadn’t even factored in seeing one during my entire Africa adventure, and with less than 10 in Lake Nakuru National Park, I didn’t think it would be today.

Leopard in tree at Lake Nakuru Game Park, Kenya

A lone Leopard is resting 20 feet off the forest floor on a branch. Its front left paw hung on one side while its head rested on its right. As we switched off the engine, it raised its head and stared directly down my camera lens sending shivers down my spine.

It was the perfect end to a magical day that I will never forget.

Oasis Overland has provided me with a small discount on the trip’s price. However, as always, my thoughts on telling it how it is are never influenced by anyone.

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