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5 financial tips before you travel

How do you make sure you are able to travel without going broke? Use my top 5 financial tips before you travel so that you can enjoy your next adventure.



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Travelling can become very expensive. But if you use these S5 financial tips before you travel, then you will help ease the burden on your wallet. Not to mention allow you to relax so you can enjoy your travel adventure.

5 financial tips before you travel

5 financial tips before you travel

Prepare a budget for your trip

There is nothing worse than getting 2 weeks into a 3 week long vacation and discovering that your card is declined. But if you prepare a travel budget before you jump on the plane, then you will easily have enough money to get you through your trip.

Some cots to consider including in your budget are; transportation (there and back as well as around the destination), food each day, shopping and souvenirs, and optional excursions like diving or hiring a car.

Once you have a budget, add on another 10% just in case for any unforeseen circumstances.

Tell your bank where you are going

I recently ran into this problem when I was travelling through Africa.

As I went to book my flights home my card was declined. I quickly realised that because I was in Kenya, my bank thought someone had stolen my card and wouldn’t accept the transaction. After a few expensive phone calls I managed to get it sorted and they unblocked my card.

Before you go, also make sure you compare bank accounts for the best deal on savings, credit card rates and transaction fees.

Get travel insurance

Worst case scenario is that you pay a little for travel insurance but you don’t end up using it. The worst case scenario is frightening…

Imaging getting pick-pocketed as you travel through a foreign country. If they manage to get your wallet with all your cards and money then you are going to be stranded. Luckily travel insurance can quickly help you when you are short on cash.

Which brings me onto my next point…

Have a back up plan

While this is not technically a financial tip, it could save you a lot of money once you are there. Before you go on your trip, split the money you are carrying with whoever you are travelling with. That way if one of you is robbed, then you still have some money left over.

If you are solo travelling then consider wearing a moneybelt, or hiding your money/cards in a secret compartment of your clothing. There are lots of options to keep it safe.

Don’t forget about the bills at home

Finally, if you return home and realise that you had forgotten to pay a bill then all of a sudden you are in big trouble. It might be that you forgot to pay off your credit card and now you have a huge amount of interest included.

This is going to take your years to pay off and not something you want to return to after relaxing on your holiday.

Tell me below, what are your 5 financial tips before you travel that you use?

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  1. Kristy of Family Visa

    August 16, 2013 at 1:46 AM

    One week before my flight I’d make sure that I check the currency rate of the country that I’ll be spending my holiday or vacation with to have an idea of how much money should I bring on my travel. I am not also fond of checking-in at hotels because it is expensive instead I sleep at motels.

    • Cole Burmester

      August 16, 2013 at 6:25 AM

      Hotels can be very expensive, but I always use a site like to make sure I can find the best deals. Often cheaper than a private room in a Hostel!

  2. Candice

    August 17, 2013 at 3:25 AM

    Great advice. My back up plan in the case that I get robbed while out and about, is to always have a credit card hidden in a compartment of my luggage separate from my day bag.

  3. Christoffer Moen

    August 19, 2013 at 3:54 PM

    These are really really great tips and I can’t agree more about the importance of getting travel insurance. It’s a safety net, don’t go without it. Like Candice, I also don’t keep all my cards in one place 🙂

  4. Pratibha

    August 23, 2013 at 4:06 AM

    It might help to pick countries with under-valued currencies. International travellers will find India around 20% cheaper now than 3 months ago with the rupee trading at a concerning low to the dollar.

  5. Jason Ryaan

    September 9, 2013 at 2:14 PM

    I always prefer to carry credit card rather than cash money during traveling. Preparing a budget plan is the most important factor that should be considered at the time of planning a trip.

  6. Marian

    September 12, 2013 at 2:27 PM

    Nice tips very helpful indeed. I think getting a travel insurance is very important.

  7. Jone Laxer

    October 7, 2013 at 5:14 PM

    Hi….Cole Burmester,

    These are great tips by you and i’m sure that by following these tips, anybody can save so much money on travel trip.

  8. Timothy W Pawiro

    December 29, 2013 at 1:22 AM

    Yesss … notifying the bank is important. I think some banks want us to tell them that we’re going to do ‘overseas withdrawal’. If not we will make ourselves confuse in front of the ATM 😀

  9. Escape Hunter

    March 28, 2014 at 2:55 PM

    Your last two tips stand out. Very important, vital, even.
    I always have backup plans… some bills can be paid online, thankfully I can solve that!
    As for bank cards – it’s good not to rely on them too heavily. Cash is king in most parts of the World…
    From experience, I can tell you that even 2 bank cards can prove unreliable in foreign countries… 3 are “must have” and plenty of cash as well.

  10. Shimla Walks

    August 27, 2014 at 8:08 PM

    Very good tips. recommendable. It happened to one of our clients. A few years ago he came to India and got robbed in Delhi. Lost his money, passport, ticket, wallet and cards. Luckily he had a friend with him who lent him some money so that he could go back.

    One has to be very careful while traveling. thanks a lot for the lovely post.

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A Guide to Shopping in a Market in Egypt



One of the essential experiences to have when travelling in Egypt trip is a day of wandering through a busy, colorful, chaotic bazaar and seeking out the hidden treasures that can be found there. Markets are an important part of the local tradition in Egypt and there are some markets that have been housing sellers and their wares for many centuries. Some of the fantastic local markets that you can explore on your trip are the Khan El Khalili Market in Old Cairo, the market in Luxor and the local market in Aswan.

Egypt Shopping Tips

What to Buy in Egypt

When you are shopping during your Egypt luxury tour you will have an opportunity to buy some unique items that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Here are some of the special things you can buy in Egypt:

  • Alabaster Statues – A specialty of Luxor, this gorgeous sculptures are made from smooth marble-like stone and will make a stunning decoration for your home.
  • Papyrus – The oldest type of paper in the world, papyrus is made with reeds from the river Nile. In Egyptian markets you can find many papyrus souvenirs including small notebooks and beautiful artworks.
  • Spices – If you love to cook, an Egyptian market is a great place to stock up on delicious and fragrant spices.
  • Perfumes – You will find a fantastic selection of wonderfully scented perfumes and natural essences, especially in Aswan.
  • Clothing – Beautifully patterned shawls, long flowing dresses, delicately embroidered shirts and other stunning clothes made from Egyptian cotton can be found in the markets.
  • Jewellery – The handmade jewellery crafted by local artisans is intricately beautiful and often features gold, silver and precious stones.

Understand the Art of Haggling

While haggling is not acceptable in the supermarkets and restaurants, it is within the old fashioned souks. In fact, it is expected. A seller will quote you a high price on the item and expect you to give a counter offer – then you will banter back and forth until you reach a happy medium that is suitable for you both.

Keep in mind that haggling is most effective when you are buying expensive and valuable items such as gold, jewellery, handicrafts and clothing. When you are buying small trinkets it is not worth the time and effort, so simply pay the full price for these small items as it shows support for the local sellers.

Take your time shopping around and understand roughly what an item will be worth. You can ask your tour guide what a reasonable price would be and then add a slightly percentage more for being out of town.

Always haggle with a smile and don’t try to be too rude or pushy. Suggest a reasonable price and if the shopkeeper doesn’t want to sell you the item at that price you can simply walk away. Often you will find that as soon as you start to walk away, they change their mind and beckon you back – suddenly ready to offer you a lower price.

Have fun and enjoy your experience shopping in a local market in Egypt!

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Make Your Dream Holiday a Reality with a Travel Loan



Every time you surf the web, you find yourself perusing sites to one of your favourite destinations. The only problem is you have never had the opportunity to actually travel to this locale. As much as you have tried in the past, you have not been able to raise the money needed to fund this trip.

Fortunately, you can fund your dream vacation. However, instead of waiting until you might or might not have the funds, a travel loan can help fund your dream vacation. Travel loans are designed to pay for any travel-related expenses. Like other loans, though, this is an obligation that is listed with others on your credit report.

Continue reading below to find how you can fund your dream holiday with a travel loan.


Before actually applying for a loan, research the place you would like to visit to calculate costs. Look at all the available rental costs associated with hotels and vehicles, in addition to airfare. When looking at hotels, pay attention to places that offer all-inclusive deals, which pay for meals.

After you have come up with a tentative budget, then research travel loans. Travel loans from Latitude Finance, in addition to other companies, are a great place to start in looking for a way to fund your dream holiday. Considerations you want to keep in mind include how much you can actually afford to pay on overtime, your credit rating, the interest rates and any possible fees that might be incurred related to modifying or cancelling your trip.

Figure In Your Contribution

While funding your entire trip might be difficult, you might be able to contribute something toward the cost. In this way, you defray costs associated with borrowing extra money, namely the interest that is compounded over time as you pay off the loan. As opposed to borrowing the whole amount, come up with a figure you can comfortably contribute to your trip.

Make A Budget

After gathering all of your information, create a budget that is flexible enough for you to do activities at both the hotel and in the local area. If travelling to a foreign locale, take exchange rates into consideration, in addition to any incidental costs that might be added to your trip.

For example, some airlines charge extra for more luggage. Also, budget for taxis and other transportation while on holiday. By making a budget, you establish a spending limit. More significantly, this helps you in not borrowing more than needed.

Gather Your Information

While most loan applications can involve a lengthy process, travel loans can be processed much more quickly. There are a few ways you can apply including applying online and in person. Either way, make sure you have the requisite documents (salary stubs, proof of address, bank statements and identification) ready when applying. Some sources state that usually most loans are approved, but a travel is still a loan and is bound by similar regulations. If you are approved for a loan, typically, your funds are quickly deposited into your account.

Start Packing

When travelling to any destination, pack only the necessities, as to avoid incurring airline fees. Plus, lugging around your entire wardrobe can be exhausting, especially if you have several destinations to visit. Also, to be safe, contact the airline in regards to any fees that might be charged or regulations that you need to follow.

A Dream Come True

With a travel loan, you no longer have to stare at your computer and wonder whether you will ever get to your desired location. Travel loans can help fund even the most exotic holiday and can do so at a much better rate than credit cards. Ultimately, while the loan is a debt you will pay overtime, you will eventually pay it off. However, the memory of your travel experience will last forever.

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Top 5 Museums in Israel



Did you know that Israel boasts the highest number of museums per capita in the world? That is probably because Israel is home to a nation that dates back 3,800 years, and it has accumulated a lot of stuff. On your next trip to Israel, don’t miss these top five museums.

Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book

The Israel Museum is one of the most important museums in Israel, with its replicas of 12th Century synagogues, ancient artifacts, and traditional Jewish wedding clothing on display.

With its distinctive white dome, the Shrine of the Book is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Israel. Built in 1947 to house the first seven scrolls, it is now home to more than 950 biblical scrolls. The Shrine of the Book also houses a model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is a must-see, located in Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem. It is the foremost authority on Holocaust education in the world. Its primary goal is to safeguard the memories of the victims with collections of testimony and artifacts. This museum will likely be the most memorable museum on your trip to Israel.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

This municipal museum holds various events and exhibits throughout the year. Its focus is mainly on local and international art such as modern and older paintings and drawings, photography, and architecture and design. This unique museum also contains a special sculpture garden.

Madatech – Haifa

A science, technology, and space museum situated in the city of Haifa, Madatech welcomes more than 400,000 visitors per year. It contains more than 600 hands-on exhibits and seven multi-sensory 3-D movies. The Noble Energy Science Park houses giant interactive exhibits, which demonstrate scientific principles to its many visitors, old and young alike.

Eretz Israel Museum

Located in Tel Aviv, the Eretz Israel Museum focuses on Israel’s history and culture: archeology, ethnography, post and philately, folklore, Judaica, traditional crafts, and popular art, cultural history, and local identity. After exploring the museum’s exhibits, walk through the surrounding gardens and you will see ancient mosaics, oil presses, a wine press, and flour mills.

Traveling to all these museums and other tourist sites in Israel would be tough without renting a car. Use car rental Israel service on your next visit to Israel and see all the great country has to offer.

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