Samoa Restaurant and Bar on the Wharf – Weekly Hump Day Photo

| February 29, 2012 | 4 Comments

Happy Hump Day! What is Hump Day you may ask yourself? Check out this quick description then come right back

Each Wednesday we post up a picture of something that we have found helps us imagine NOT being at work and helps us get to the weekend faster. It could be just a relaxing beach, a surfing location, a great snorkelling spot, a destination, well you get the idea.

Where In The World This Week?

Wharf in Samoa Hump Day

This weeks photo is taken from the wharf looking back towards the Maninoa Surfing Camp on the south shores of Upolu Island in Samoa. We stayed here for a week back in 2008 and I still dream about it.

Every morning we could literally roll out of bed, walk 5 feet and step into the beautiful clear waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Add to that 7 world-class surfing breaks within a 10 minute boat ride, turtles swimming under the wharf and warm weather and you have a recipe to get over any hump day situation.

What memories does this photo evoke to help you get over Hump Day?

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  1. Great shot! Wish I was there right now…

  2. This is just what I needed today, encouragement to think of something warm and sunny – perhaps a little steel drum band in the background! It’s cold and rainy her in the northeast US and I’m ready for sun 80 degrees so this fabulous helped take me there for the few minutes I needed. Thanks.

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